Daily reminder that the voice actresses for Pearl and Marina (Rina Itou and Alice) put out a collab single earlier this month and it's absolute 🔥

You're welcome ★


Earlier walk today, trying to beat the heat. 46 degrees c is no fun. 💦

Hi! I’m a trans NB artist messing around with different mediums, fleshing out the things me and my partner find in our world-building sandbox. I use original fiction to process the queer+autistic experience, and dream up post-capitalist anti-patriarchal communities and lifestyles.

I.e. here be drawings of WLW and femme enbies, occasional musical attempts and nods to anarchism. Also random creatures and satanic undertones.

CW: Food, transition/HRT diary, exercise mention 

Okay so my first post isn't art but. Look im taking advantage of a fresh acc to post some personal stuff 😤🌻

Day 5 on tgel! feeling pretty good, no irritation from the gel so i'm going up to 2 pumps a day (as advised by my doc)! I'm wanting to get more exercise in and get up earlier so i rolled out of bed for a walk around the neighborhood this morning. Got strawberries. Feelin fresh 🍓

It is extremely refreshing to not have to be 100% alert and vigilant on a platform. I feel like I forgot what that was like


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