The OT3 of repressed feelings. I haven't drawn portraits in ages and always dread drawing faces but this was fun?

(Gentle) concrit welcome!

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my friend said she was gonna pour my milk out if i didn't paint this so I slapped some colour on because there's a lot of milk in my fridge

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Made a !

The highest place you’ll ever find them is the lifeguard seat at the beach.

Water-Spider is lighter and floats easily. They can hold their breath longer and use ‘air sacs’, (see Dum-Bell-Spider), as air reserves. They can increase water-tension with webs to stand on the surface. To dive deeper, they wear their weighted diving-belt.

Their clothes are mostly made from friction-less slick mesh and the white palms are extra grippy!

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If anyone's int, I'm doing some $25 experimental BG commissions!
I wanna practice some more BGs!

It'll include:
• 1 character (add another for +$7, max of 2 characters per drawing)
• fully illustrated piece
• character type (i.e. semi-chibi, full body, half body etc) will vary as this is more for me to practice BG painting a bit 💦
•character will also be simplified a bit (again, since I'm practicing BGs!)

(DM me or email me the info in the thread below)

samples like so

Wraith Corvo for a fic I'm working on. The fog didn't quite do what I wanted it to, but I'm super proud of the hand bones! Referenced the hell out of anatomy pictures.

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Meet Owen aka Owl. A merc and 'almost-all-purpose worker'.

Disclaimer: The armor is heavily inspired by LOTRO's Mathom Hunter Armor.

- 1 Slot / 1 character
- "sketch style" or flat colored "simplified style"
- SFW, OC, Human, Humanoid, Furry, etc. ask and I can tell you if I can do it (same for nsfw but got less practise)
- payment upfront via PayPal
- fulfilment within December, usually 1-2 days after starting
- Can stream while drawing
- Need visual reference

Send a DM or Discord if you have any questions!

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