@mooncube I’ve found it’s nice for seeing pictures of people’s lives from all over the world. The posts I see and the ones I make don’t really have any discussion on them, but it can be quite peaceful, especially as the users don’t seem to have big egos like you find on Instagram. I use it as a personal visual diary of places I walk to and to keep recordings of my progress learning how to dance. It’s hard for people to discover you but I like to support it and hope it continues to evolve.

Marty challenged me to step up my confidence and to treat each class as a performance, and this choreo was a great way to rise to that challenge. "Ass Like That", choreographed by Marty Sedgfield (@martysedgfield@instagram.com), at The Space in Melbourne. #dance #commercialdance #thespacemelbourne

@22 I’m in the same boat as you! Really enjoying the new Breath series, just reached the halfway mark after getting over a hand injury. The membership is really good value too if that’s up your valley

Today I finished Day 14 of the 30-day yoga program “Breath”. Today was all about taking up space and moving with intention, and it felt so therapeutic.

For anyone who feels a little out of touch with themselves, I highly recommend the series (it’s free!):

Reminder to myself: Don’t forget to stretch your hands, fingers and wrists regularly - especially if you spend all day at the computer and/or drawing and painting and 3Ding. 🙌

@pixouls @jzzocc hey this Metatext app is gorgeous, thank you! It looks wonderful and the navigation feels much more intuitive than Mercury which I’m currently using. I wish I could see uncropped preview images though to make browsing through art easier!

@stlemke good to know - thank you. And interesting to hear that different methods work better for different mediums - I’ll keep that in mind 😊

@Milouchkna @iantila these articles are brilliant, thank you so much! The details about the angle of the lights and the camera settings were especially useful.

I’ll get my hands on a tripod and give this a go! 😊

Does anyone have any advice on how to create digital copies of traditional art?

I’d love to set up an online store/gallery but I’m not sure of the best way to archive my work! Do use a camera or a scanner? Do you take a photo in direct or indirect sunlight?

Playing with the contrast between rigid structures and free-flowing movement.

@dona oh nice! I’d definitely recommend them, I’ve really enjoyed reading off of mine for the past year! Very simple and streamlined interface which stays out of the way while you’re reading.

“Play” - 15 Nov 2020
Inspired by a recent trip to Warburton, Victoria and taking some time out in nature to relax.

@splashmob welcome, it’s great to have you here! Looking forward to seeing more of your art! 😁

@dona I have a Kobo Clara HD and you can set it to do that full-screen refresh after 1-10 pages, or at the end of every chapter. You can do it manually by double tapping too. I like how it cleans the screen up of artefacts, but I can see how the screen flickering which happens during the process might be annoying!

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