Does anyone have any advice on how to create digital copies of traditional art?

I’d love to set up an online store/gallery but I’m not sure of the best way to archive my work! Do use a camera or a scanner? Do you take a photo in direct or indirect sunlight?

@AzureDusk10 Depends of your material. Your are going to have to experiment

In my experience, scanning works fine for pencil drawings, but I had do tweak the scanner config a little

@stlemke good to know - thank you. And interesting to hear that different methods work better for different mediums - I’ll keep that in mind 😊

@AzureDusk10 i seem to remember there's a good tutorial on how to take pictures of trad art on ? generally speaking tho, ya do not want to take pics in direct sunlight and if ya don't have a lighting setup, it's better to photograph stuff on overcast days. scanner can also be useful, especially if it's only in black and white or tones of grey, if used well and of good quality and ya work on the pics after.

@Milouchkna @AzureDusk10
I guess it's this one:

Pretty interesting indeed, I always wondered how to get a lightning setup right to photograph paintings.

@Milouchkna @iantila these articles are brilliant, thank you so much! The details about the angle of the lights and the camera settings were especially useful.

I’ll get my hands on a tripod and give this a go! 😊

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