Does anyone have any advice on how to create digital copies of traditional art?

I’d love to set up an online store/gallery but I’m not sure of the best way to archive my work! Do use a camera or a scanner? Do you take a photo in direct or indirect sunlight?

Playing with the contrast between rigid structures and free-flowing movement.

“Play” - 15 Nov 2020
Inspired by a recent trip to Warburton, Victoria and taking some time out in nature to relax.

Yesterday I finished “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron. I’ve never read a book with such timely advice and guidance; I really got a lot out of it.

“Albert Park Lake”
My first plein air art session in ages! The wind did most of the smudging for me (not fair, that’s the best bit) but thankfully I didn’t get attacked by any Australian magpies.

“Scottish Highlands” - August 2020
Where I would like to visit next year, when I move to Edinburgh.

Inspired by this photo:

“Night dreaming” - 21st Nov 2020
I treated myself to chalk pastels, crepe paper and a black pad today. Oh, how good it feels to try something new!

Reference to living and not living 

Delicate, patterned,

Living is not a prerequisite for beauty.
Why should beauty be a prerequisite for living?
For truly living, for adventure, for connections, for new friends and experiences?

No more do I strive to preen and perfect my shell.
No approval from outsiders do I need to be
Happy in this vessel.

Life is worth living. Beauty is optional.

I shed my false beliefs,
And look to my own kind of beautiful horizon.

“Hidden Energies” - October 2020
After painting the landscape, I wanted to see how I could bring in some

“Ocean” - July 2020
This painting was inspired by the reflections of the St Kilda pier in the ocean on a full moon.


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