Actually I do have questions about . I mean theoretically, if someone were to use my artwork for say, a flyer advertising their local small business, is that commercial use? Cause I still wouldn't *care*, only if it were some ad agency who definitely have the means for commercial licenses. So I guess it's less "Commercial Use" and more "Corporate Use"? Also does Fair Use apply to CC? Because I hope so, allowing transformative stuff...
Damn, I think I opened a can of worms here.

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@Ayior I would consider it commercial use, they're using your work to promote their business and thus earn money with your art

@Ayior in my understanding, every activity done by corporation (say "profit organization") will be acknowledged as commercial use, even if it doesn't directly generate any profits.

"fair use" is a concept to make balance between copyright holder's interest and public interest, and judged case-by-case basis. yes, it *can be* applicable to CC.

@Ayior Copyright license can only limit stuff according to the copyright law, they cannot go against it. so fair use etc that are explicitly allowed by copyright law cannot be restricted by any copyright license. I would suggest simply releasing under the ShareAlike licenses and not worry about Commercial/Non-commercial.


1. You still own the ©. The point of the license is that it's pre-emptive, standardised, and universal, but it doesn't stop you making additional other license arrangements.
2. Fair Use is almost exclusively a US thing. Also determined mostly as case law rather than an explicit list of "yes" and "no" so hard to determine.
3. CC-NC is problematic because of the problem of defining "commercial" Prefer CC-SA where possible.
4. I am not a lawyer 🙂

@Ayior not an expert, but your second question depends on the exact CC license, whether or not it has the "No Derivatives" clause. Some also want any derivative work to be CC itself, so are 'viral'. The full list of CC licenses might answer your questions :)

@Ayior Seems to be a lot of advise here. Personally I couldn't make advise on it as you should be fairly knowledgable to give advise about laws and licenses.

What would give you a definitive answer is if you contact creative commons and ask them the question.

and this FAQ kind of answers your question as well

@Ayior Regarding one of your questions - CC does not replace copyright, so normal provisions of "Fair Use" or "Fair Dealing" (in Commonwealth countries) still apply.

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