For we had the task to explore a certain shape and its meaning, so I designed a bunch of triangular viking folk.. I've tried to keep things like my nationality out of this account as much as possible but now that I have to make projects in German I cant anymore :)

Have fun translating, alternatively you find the translation in the Image Description! Also despite the "You need Adobe" thing I did this in :D

@Ayior As a decendant of the west-norse I feel personally insulted lol 😂

Because of the horned hat? :D
Hey, I might be German, but I'm actually from the Viking part of Germany :F (Schleswig / Haithabu)

I got that 😃 Just wanted to build on it 😃

@Ayior OMG, they are all so cool! Pepe is my favourite! 😄 It's an interesting study!

Thanks! Pepe seems to be particulary popular XD

@Ayior When can we expect a full size comic featuring these characters?
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