I'm curious about the general vibe on Mastodon.

@Ayior I'm worried for other people, but I'm not having trouble with panic or anxiety (yet?)
(voted "It's serious but I'm calm")

@Ayior cOrOnA is JuSt a FLUU 🤡 🤡 🤡 🤡

(glad I didn't see these here)

@Ayior more worried about government responses pushing for fascism than the virus

@spacekookie @Ayior yes me too. people never cared about their human rights now it's likely they loose them alltogether. This is how governments test population how much they can control them. Everyone can see results.

@Olafsfjordur @spacekookie @Ayior This is exactly how I feel. I worry more about how government and corporations will try to take advantage of the situation than I do about the actual virus.

Regardless of the circumstances, we should always say no to surveillance and authoritarianism.

@Ayior I'm not panicking, but I wouldn't say calm either. Subconscious anxiety is off the charts

The virus is not much dangerous, it just propagates easy. The real problem is that the public health systems in most of the world has been destroyed systematically at the service of big private business and international debt usury, that's what they try to conceal.


i'm somewhere between serious and overhyped. the virus is serious and foundations are crumbling, which i think most people know, if haven't known for some time now, and is driving a lot of hysteria.

@Ayior i'll add that "humanity" has been it's own worst enemy for a couple thousand years now at minimum, I feel like this virus has little on us other than that it was largely preventable in many ways

raised to fear nukes, justifiably, but our love of plastic and such is proving to be far more disastrous


Exactly many people only now realized what washing hands is for. Sad. Until now they didn't care about hepatitis, dental nurses were happily touching PC keyboard, phone, infected drawers in session and right after mixing filling with their hands and touching patients mouth. Smokers force everyone around them to secondhand smoke for years even on places where its forbidden without nobody caring because tobacco is one of the biggest businesses.

@Olafsfjordur @Ayior

I see the overall problem more as a separation of man from nature. we have immune systems and remedies at hand, not just individually but in the environment around us too, such as with the copper. the cosmos and earth alike is a cornucopia but ppl prefer exploitation over all else, dominion and enmities over mutual aid, etc it's been stunting us as a species for a couple thousand years. our more ancient ancestors in many ways knew better, whatever flaws they had.


Much easier to be calm when the breadwinner in the house can work from home.

@Ayior I feel like this is an infectious agent like we haven't seen in a long time, maybe since the flu in the early 1900's. People seem to be taking it seriously, but the numbers seem to still be going up exponentially. And I don't know if that's just due to more testing in the US, that they were always that high and we just didn't know, or if those are new infections. So I am panicking inside, but not taking survival actions yet.

@Ayior At the beginning of this week, Illinois had 93 known cases. This Friday they had over 400.
Missouri had 2, now they have 73..

@Ayior I am living in a German state with a "soft" lockdown. I am worried for people that dont do well in isolation.

@Ayior i have bought a shovel and started building a foxxhole

@Ayior The virus is serious, but I know what to do about it, despite having high-risk kids. And my co-parent is competent and supportive

What worries me more is the impact that keeping safe is having on people without adequate social protections. Watching whole communities lose their livelihoods and worry about where they'll get food and other necessities


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