might be getting a lot of hate but I absolutely LOVE the design. Possibly my favorite starter evolution. This was supposed to be a quick, abstract one but turned into a painting study, and it was fun!

@Ayior Looks incredible as a thumbnail, really nailed the fundies here!

Makes me wanna do the pokemons too Cx

@ChrisTalleras Do it! :D Would also like to see your take on this one :D

@Ayior I mean, I'd obviously do it fucked up.

Give me a second and I'll try it.

@Ayior Here!

I'm not updated on the pokestuff so I didn't know the character had such attitude hahah

@ChrisTalleras WTF! why was I not notified about this?
I randomly checked my replies and found this, it was not in my notifications o.o nice though!

@Ayior Yeah, I was wondering why you didn't react to it in any dicernable way 😂

@ChrisTalleras I'm so sorry about that (even if its not my fault) tagging someone with art you made and not getting a response is the fucking worst XD

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