is back with more user slots, better performance but the same game files!

Anyone can join the SMP server, people who are interested in longer-term projects as well as casual players!

Read the rules (there have been some minor changes): (Leads to Google Docs)
And then reply in a DM with your username!

@ChrisTalleras I think that would be a bit overkill considering the current traction, but in the long run that might be a nice idea~

@Ayior Just found this. Sounds cool. Do you have a mirror of the rules somewhere that isn't Google? Because I really don't want to click on that link.

Would it be fine if you can read it on discord?

@Ayior Don't have Discord. Text file is good, odf is good, pdf is good, webpage is good, I just prefer to avoid what is essentially just spyware.

@OTheB Hi, Sorry I was away from my PC the whole day. Apparently Mastodon doesnt let me send text files though, I'll have to find a way tomorrow though...

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