Styletest for the second project I have to do for my portfolio :D Basically an attempt to use my sketching style as the ink, and just throw some color under and on top of it :D

@Ayior It looks fun. That style makes the process quicker ? I prefers loose and experimental when drawing. My recent comic was miscalculated. I thought tight line'd be ez to add color and I suffered from consistency boredom.

@gui_m I also love me some proper inking, but I see the deadline approaching, so I'm finding ways to cut corners that still look cool :D
(These are for an Application to an Art School, it's only gonna be like 8 pages but still)
But yeah it's way quicker. That's just what my sketching style looks like (attached) - it took me less than 10mins to scribble. Coloring, if you take out the experimentinal parts, maybe another 10. Of course comic pages will still take a lot longer lol

@Ayior So it tooks around 30mins. Stylistic and also saving time. Looking forward to those 8-pages

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