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Hello there. ^^ I am Slok from DA and I got introduced to this site by @Ayior :) I'm very excited to start anew here, will definitely upload art soon.

I'm truly looking forward to meet everyone. <3 also pretty new with this system, please excuse me if I do something wrong

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New Tier of Lazyness achieved:
Didn't want to flip open my phone case to change my Spotify song, so I logged into the Web Player to do that.
When I was still working at the animation company I sometimes had to work at a bunch of PCs at once. Put phone in Charger, connect with bluetooth headphones, run around with them and change the song at whatever PC you're working at.

I love to watch people talk about old on Youtube while I draw. It's fun to remember the shows that shaped you childhood. One thing that goes missing though is all those cartoons that were native to your country if you're not in the US.
Like this little show from the early 2000s that I loved as a kid, that still has one of the grooviest Intros I know:


Kinda but not really, just anecdotal

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Stéphane Wootha Richard has a bunch of Gumroads free for a limited time!

Into to comp

Intro to Photobashing

Designing Landscapes PS

Advanced Photobashing Techniques:

Painting a Desert City

Sketching Color Studies

The Making of "Down The Rabbit Hole"

Speed Thumbnailing

The first two Episodes of 22 are gloriously grim. I'm a huge fan of and I hope they continue like this.

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A race of smart aliens scan Earth and find human communication flying back and forth. They monitor it a while, learn our languages. Eventually they make contact. We're polite, if a bit odd, and soon they agree to come here. Travelling for years, they arrive to discover mankind has been dead for centuries. They had made first contact only with our needlessly advanced AI answerphone network.

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For I am asking to my friends to send me of they think their actions are (ore were) meaningful.
There are so many people working for the good and so little of their actions are know.
With this project I wish to give them, at my level, some more recognition.

Please,, send me suggestion!

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So the Viborg Animation Festival is going on and I just found out that they're screening a movie that I worked on! I worked on it for over a year and I haven't even seen the finished thing! Hype!
It's called Another Day of Life. I did a variety of work for it, ironically I'm listed in the credits as the one thing I didn't do. But I am listed!
Basically pretty much every set/background you can see in it has been in my hands at some point. I'm so excited to see it!!!

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Hi all! Just got invited to this website, I'm a 25 yrs old artist from Poland and I specialize at drawing in cartoon style and designing characters. I'm a big fan of dragons and dinosaurs, and I do love lime colour. :D I live together with my fiance and our dog Kala and bearded dragon Sheldon and I slowly make my career as a freelencer. I also attatched some of my recent illustrations. Hope you like them!

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My circus residency takes place in a dynamic space with many types of creativity going on simultaneously.

Today I was told they would be adding dog training in one of the rooms.

During the conversation about accommodating this new addition I was asked to reorganize my class so that the noisy portion took place either at a different time or in a different area.

It was only hours later that I realized the clowns were asked to quiet down in order to allow the dogs to concentrate.

Hello, Art World! Can you help me?
I've got the thumbnails for a 5 page about Frank that I would like some people to test-read.
It's just thumbnails, and just legible enough for others to read (hopefully).
If you're interested, DM me and I'll DM you back with a 3,5MB pdf, and my questions for you :D
(Oh and forgot to mention, it's kinda lewd but not nsfw)

Something very quick and very different :D
I was feeling a bit frustrated lately - understatement, extremely frustrated the last few days - so I guess you could call this vent art :D

This weekend I participated in a Worldbuilding Jam and I learned so much!
Here are some character sketches I did for our fungus and insect based world :)

Why is my Mastoart light themed all of a sudden?

I want to recreate Adobe Illustrators Color Harmony Tool in cause it rocks - The Blend Tones are getting quite close to what I want, but if I replicate Illustrators Harmonies that way my entire screen would be filled with palletes.
If I write a python plugin for Krita, is there a Pallete Widget I can inherit to make my own?

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I haven't seen it posted much anywhere but the prompt list for #inktober2018 is now out. Time to start thinking of a theme or feel free to use the official list. Happy inking!

Source: @inktober@twitter.com

#art #MastoArt #ink #drawing #traditional #digital #inktober

It's so convenient to have all your important stuff, art supplies and wallet etc. in one place. It's also convenient for disaster, like a strong garlic sauce.
At least my stuff is vampire proof now.

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