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Mermay may be long over, but it's never too late to respect the sea! And look at all that filth!
This one took soo long but it was fun :D

Speedpaint on PeerTube:

Mermay Mermaid Blobfish Ocean

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Haven't shared my Croquis in a while, quite happy with this one :) NSFW for artistic boobs

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WIP Getting somewhere slowly ! Listening to stellar attraction progressive radio while costumes is really neat :D

Our is broken and the hotline can't help cause their entire freaking support center is on maintenance shutdown for 24h or something.

Shoutout to @EmojiTetra which I've been participating in the last few days - I love it!
Boosting one of its posts would be outdated real quick so have this post instead!

> My screen is a 4:3 Cintiq.
> has a bug where the mouse will glitch out if the game is set to the wrong aspect ratio.
> Overwatch refuses to support 4:3 screens.
> Overwatch literally refuses me to play it because of my screen.

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Drawn & drafted has updated their ARTCAMP pdfs

These are really helpfull for growing artists wanting to learn about freelancing, portfolio and marketing for artists.

They are sold at a "pay what you want" price, but make sure to give them at least a little cent for their good work!

has been crashing on me recently when I use the transform tool. It was always for professional work stuff and aaargh loosing work is so frustrating, even if it's just a little bit ;_;

@ChrisWere You're the guy who brought me to this platform. I have more followers here than on my other platforms combined!

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New or modern; recent.
A modern person; a person who advocates new ideas.

Late 16th century: via late Latin from Greek neōterikos, from neōteros ‘newer’, comparative of neos.


After a thorough and formal examination, it has been determined that today's word is neoteric...and is "neoteric"...ahem.

Direct is hype!
Even though I also already heard people hating it.
What do you guys say?

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Idioms or common phrases (Mostly American idioms in English) are represented by the position, shape or arrangement of words in or around a square.

Can you figure out this week's wordie? It would be wicked wonderful if you can.

Please use CW/DM to submit your answers, thanks. Give everybody the chance to guess.

Hint: dreams

The great thing about being an artist at family meetings with child relatives is that you get to practise subjects you'd never come up with on your own.
"Draw a Raptor!" - "Draw a Lamborghini!" - "Draw a Pony!" - "Draw a chameleon!"
And I happily draw away.

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I can’t believe we’re still having this reference conversation. PRO ARTISTS USE REFERENCE, END OF STORY.

Plus, you get extra credit if you use yourself as reference AND show your AD so they can enjoy it.

Here’s a whole post worth:


Color and Style test of that character I posted before from the comic I'm working on. It's neither the art style nor the colors that I want but that's development for ya. I still like it as a standalone piece :)
He isn't even the main character, just the one whose design is the furthest~

I'm trying to install Illustrator through on because of the hiccups in POL. The installer is failing to initialize - and I don't know how to get debug information. The Lutris debugger is not helpful and the temp folder in where AI is supposed to dump their log is empty too. Any ideas?

I installed Illustrator CS6 on with a script I found online and it installed flawlessly. There are a few kinks to be worked out and it crashes when I drag UI into a floating window, but I don't use floating UI anyways so it's usable.
The amazing part though is that in my folders I have previews of the AI files which not even Windows can do.

I'll admit, I don't really get - why draw the same thing for a whole month? And whats with the mermaid craze in general?
Oh well, I decided to make one anyways.
Sea cucumbers vomit in self defense. There is something dark about that when you bring a human into that.

In an earlier post I was unhappy with my inking. I think people nowadays often see being self-critical as negativity and forget that it can be used for good. This is the kind of inking I want to do! :D Next step is figuring out how to convert that style to coloring...

Another character in progress from my comic in development. An intelligent but incendiary guy who doesn't know theres a world beyond the place he's confined in.


Another poll! This time 2D Videogame Graphics! I'm talking small games, like apps n stuff~


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