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Mermay may be long over, but it's never too late to respect the sea! And look at all that filth!
This one took soo long but it was fun :D

Speedpaint on PeerTube:

Mermay Mermaid Blobfish Ocean

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Haven't shared my Croquis in a while, quite happy with this one :) NSFW for artistic boobs

Order should slowly return to my life after this (positively) busy weekend and I should be able to post pictures more reliably again :)

This guy!

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π•Ίπ–“π–ˆπ–Š π–šπ–•π–”π–“ 𝖆 π–™π–Žπ–’π–Š

Oh wow.
I tried a loose approach with the pencil and damn it's unfamiliar... Theres less likeness cause I have less control (I guess that's the point of being loose) and it feels strange - which means I'll practice it more.
I also tried to make this kind of composition thing on a page as we learned in art school and many artists do but nah it didn't work either :D
Oh well, try and learn~

Remember that skill doesn't come out of thin air. If you show your art to someone who's better than you, they will likely not see bad art, but a point in their own history. Thus good mentors are like pretty accurate fortune tellers, and critique is the prophecy that shows you where to head next.

And todays face for the is her!

I'll openly admit, she's my favorite picture of the entire collection and I've drawn her a couple of times before. I MEAN JUST LOOK AT HER!

I tried a thin inking marker thingy, haven't used one of those in a long time, but I actually like how it turned out :)
Also this one is only 4 minutes~

I'm currently in a phase where I enioy paper over sketchbooks. The downside of this is the stacks of paper floating around... As I sorted through the current one I found this brush pen sketch from a couple of weeks ago. And just this moment I got the idea that maybe I should make a scrapbook in which I stick the drawings I want to keep :D
Added benefit of everything in there being stuff you like~

I wanted to experiment further after the portraits, this one is freestyle~ I've gotten to a point where shape feels vastly superior to line when it comes to constructing a picture, but I've yet to develop anything beyond a sketch like that - especially digitally.
On another note, on behalf of a meme going around, I realized that 12 year old me would be fcking proud of me for how far my art has come overall and that feels great.

Aaand to complete the basic shapes, today we have the most rectangular person in my collection :D
After this I'll post some ladies again~

Have fun!

Todays Face!

I choose my pictures based on characteristics that I find unique and interesting. For this guy for example it's how incredibly triangular his overall head shape is.
The last guy was incredibly round.

The double I promised!
Those were done with the exact same brush and everything, just one after the other :)

I'll have to do a double round today cause I didn't even get to do the one from yesterday, but here's todays Picture!

This boi!

We're not even in the double digits with this challenge and I think you guys are already improving, it's incredible!

I didn't have time to post todays face yet cause I was at Life Drawing, and todays session was amazing! The model was beautiful and the music was atmospheric and I was experimental and had so much fun :D

(Repost cause I forgot to CW artistic nudity)

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