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Mermay may be long over, but it's never too late to respect the sea! And look at all that filth!
This one took soo long but it was fun :D

Speedpaint on PeerTube:

Mermay Mermaid Blobfish Ocean

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Haven't shared my Croquis in a while, quite happy with this one :) NSFW for artistic boobs

Nudity / Bondage 

(Will delete later)
Somebody made this image of the fanbase being split in four camps, pro/contra and nice/toxic - and I cant find it, but I need it D: does anyone here have it or a link to it?

I'm currently a that's pretty close to my heart, and it's EXHAUSTING. Im not used to this, so legit question please respond: Is writing on that level just incrredibly demanding or is it a sign of me being toxic towards myself with overambition?

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OC's thread!
I wanna meet new people ^^

- Show me your main oc(s) and tell me about them;
- share this post so more people can see it;
- check also the others!!

I'll start in the comments ^^

...For my Comic!
Next up is a color test, cause these colors are much too dull for what I'm going for, but it's a nice first step in the direction that I'm going for :D So colortest is next!

Hello new MastoArt people!
So cool to see new art~
If any of you have question, feel free to reply here~

There's a rule that says to make something cute you make it simple. I tried to make a super simplistic Samoyed Puppy for the but NOTHING could ever be as cute as the real thing.

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Dreammakers is finished! It's a webcomic about nightmares and friendship and ways to survive both.
The story spans 176 pages, and it's free to read on deviantArt ( and Tumblr (
Check it out? 💙

quick distraction from the work I'm actually supposed to be doing - She's supposed to have cable hair, for the topic, but I couldn't be bothered to make it work :D
I haven't attended the DSC since before I went to art school, I think it's really gonna help me figure out some quick digital sketching techniques :D

Bondage / Daily Sketch Challenge 

Okay, I should probably share more of what I'm working on, but I kind of need to get some basics out of the way first.

This is the full character lineup to the Comic that I'm developing - including the character that has been my icon all along! And the dude I had posted art of previously~

The descriptions are a bit vague but that's all I can do for now. I hope I can share more with you soon~ Would love to hear feedback, too!

I found a meetup in my hometown! :D It's surprisingly big, too - but I'm glad that I can continue studies at home~

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#DailySketchChallenge is here #MastoArt folk.
You know the rules: have fun & share for a month.
Today's topic is BIRTHDAY (because it's been about a year i snatched the challenge of @Ayior 's hands).


For the - which I will try to attend this time at least, if @CountZero is doing the management :D

I was trying to find if there is some kind of god for birthdays but the first link told me that it's actually a pagan tradition popularized in Germany, and that you blow out candles to disperse evil spirits. Didn't fact check beyond that, just wanted to draw it :D

Made in :D

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All arguments have two sides.

If they did not, they would be called agreements.

Theres only two things I really care about on my . Low price and massive battery. I lost my X Power last week, and the new contender has a similar name: the G7 Power (I got it on sale for 170€). I've had it since Friday and haven't charged it yet. Its at 56%. I didn't have it under heavy load yet, just bluetooth music, but still promising.
Now if someone made custom roms available for it..... :D

So I got a new phone and apparently costs something now?
What other free app do you guys recommend?
It's not that I wouldn't support Fedilab, it's just that I refuse to connect payment options to the Play Store in the first place and therefore can't buy it.

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Already the 25th.
So get ready #MastoArt ists, the #DailysSketchChallenge (Summer Edition 😜) is starting in August.
1 month to share your sketches, line arts, finished arts, or even poems or short stories, or whatever you can think of.

PS: if you think about a topic you'd like to see, feel free to DM me.

The "I hate all X" Fallacy 

If a company responds that they've filled the spot I applied for but say they want to keep my portfolio filed for later projects, is that just politeness or do they mean it?

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