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It's the first week of the new semester and it's slowly sinking in that I'm finally learning what I want to learn.
I just said to someone "I currently have the courses concept art and character design" and after that I just had this small exciting moment of "Wow, I am no longer the one that wants to learn concept art and character design - I AM the one that LEARNS concept art and character design!"

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Hi! My cozy fantasy dating sim, , is currently in its stage. There are versions for Windows, Mac and Linux, and a playthrough takes around 2 hours.

If you would like to help me out and beta test the game, drop me a message until May 20th and I'll send you a download key! 😊
I mainly need to know if you run into any technical problems on your OS, but you are also invited to share any other thoughts on the game if you like!

My Concept Art teacher from was making an overpaint of someones tree character and said to him tree creatures always have the vibe of old men. I wanted to challenge that and there ya go, buff tree!
Nice break to just do some character design again~

Actually I do have questions about . I mean theoretically, if someone were to use my artwork for say, a flyer advertising their local small business, is that commercial use? Cause I still wouldn't *care*, only if it were some ad agency who definitely have the means for commercial licenses. So I guess it's less "Commercial Use" and more "Corporate Use"? Also does Fair Use apply to CC? Because I hope so, allowing transformative stuff...
Damn, I think I opened a can of worms here.

My first contact with Creative Commons licenses was on Deviantart, where you could select the kind of license you wanted on your post. Back then I formed my opinion on the way I'd like my art to be treated. I should probably include in my profile that all my work is CC-BY-NC-SA - Free to use if you somehow tag back to me (mostly cause I'm curious) and don't use it to make money.
I'll add that to my profile.
I'm also open to being educated on alternatives, this is just my current knowledge.

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More stuff!
And more :D This was our first real assignment beyond just messing around~

Punmasters of Mastodon, I need your help - For school I'm making a poster of a dystopian version of Zootopia, I'm looking for an animal-related word that matchingly changes the title (Yknow, because Zootopia sounds like Utopia) but I just can't come up with a dys-sounding word! Any ideas? @Algot maybe?

They might not be perfect, but the new trees I modeled are definitely an upgrade over the old ones :P

Another assignment \o/ The task was to make a surreal piece of art made by fusing three non-matching terms.
I bet you could get some kind of anti-corporate message from this somehow, though to be honest it's mostly random.

Experimental Stuff from :D We're learning though this is mixed with colored pencil. The whitepsace was part of the task, though I think it's a bit too much on this portrait.

Photoshop in English: "Brush Heal Tool <3"
...yes that's the actual name

I spent the entire day yesterday starting with "I have no idea how to do this" all the way to "I have completed the proof of concept" (of that specific mechanic) woo!

I told my mom that it makes me happy that quite a lot of people at my have asked for my pronouns. She then asked me why people would do that, and I said it's considered the polite thing to do when you're unsure of a persons preference. She said "oh, good to know" and then asked me for my pronouns.

Is still a thing? Because even though I keep boosting the work of @LadyIcepaw I think her projects, like the cozy queer-friendly visual novel she's working on, should get more love and also she's a really sweet person irl.

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1 hr 20 mins in and the #Kickstarter is already 10% funded! :blobSob: :blobCatCheer:

Thank you so much to everyone backing it and sharing it around 💙

Fingers-crossed it is well on its way to funding and soon my cosy queer portal fantasy will be out in the world!


They are in COLOR and they are RANDOM! Super happy with my progress on the Chimera Game :D Next up is an actual interface that gives you the ability to cross-breed them.

also I guess

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already comes with some great built-in features to make games more accessible to folks with impaired vision, and today I learned how to make full use of these features! I can now add alternative text to image buttons and modify dialogue to be more screenreader-friendly when the self-voicing feature is enabled (as shown in the example below).

The latter took some trial and error, so I'm really happy it worked out! 😊

My first task from class! We were supposed to reinterpret a tarot card, I went with "The World". Since it's supposed to symbolise transition between two states I chose to make the figure sleeping, the period of rest before starting a new thing. I also read that the figure is supposed to represent androgynity, which, well, represents me quite well, so I tried to make them androgynous but they just look masc. Oh well, I still like how it turned out.

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Today was devoted to building the character choice menu for each day, including fancy custom buttons! May need to boost the contrast on these a bit more.

The button type with the green checkmark appears when you've seen all events for a character and can't pick them again until the Midsummer festival.

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