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It's the first week of the new semester and it's slowly sinking in that I'm finally learning what I want to learn.
I just said to someone "I currently have the courses concept art and character design" and after that I just had this small exciting moment of "Wow, I am no longer the one that wants to learn concept art and character design - I AM the one that LEARNS concept art and character design!"

Art Class stuff!
I truly went from knowing nothing about watercolor to quite liking it within a semester that wasn't even focused on it
Anyways, have the drunkest dude I could conceive. We had the task to illustrate a given story, this is what I imagined the (unreliable) narrator of that story to look like.

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I just released The Art of Lovewood on itch! It has a whole lot of behind-the-scenes info and concept sketches from the making of the game. ✏️ 🌈

Consider picking it up for a few bucks if you'd like to support a nerd who's trying to make a living with art :D

Yeah, things have been going on behind the scenes.... They are randomly generated, and you can breed your own to send into battle! The Player is the blue one~

More freeform art!
My current challenge for myself is to finish art without getting frustrated in the process - doesn't matter what the subject is, doesn't matter what the end result is... Just stay chill in the process. This is the second picture with that approach and it's going GREAT! Haven't felt so satisfied in years.

What's this?
Art? And freeform Art at that?
After that Game Jam, I needed some art to clean my pallet, and I tried to do some automatic drawing digitally and it went great! I should do this more often!

Okay wild things have happened in the last months. Remember how I said that I'm finally learning Concept Art and stuff but also started developing a game?
Well, my has a Game Development course, too, and they contacted me, and now I no longer study Illustration (though I keep the courses) and Design, but now Game Dev and it's GREAT.
This week I participated in my first Game Jam - Though I'm kinda torn between sharing it with you and not wanting to reveal which school I go to, heh.

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Lovewood is now available for free on! There are versions for Windows, Linux, macOS and Android. Maybe give it a try and tell me what you think?


Covid Shot! 

Just got my first Covid shot! And because I'm a genetics nerd im absolutely hyped and geeking out about the way the mRNA vaccines work. If I get flu symptoms, I'll be lying in bed like "Fuck yeah, science!"

This is the Zootopia but Dytopia Poster I did for school - honestly I'm not very happy about it, with how grey it looks and stuff. Eh, next time will be better.
But still, thanks for helping me find a title!

So we use for our online classes at - yesterday I had a private chat with someone about a very specific topic that I did not google or enter anywhere else - and today my Youtube recommendations are filled with videos on that topic (When I usually don't even watch remotely similar content). Yay.

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Ladies, gentlemen, enbies, non-human beings, space faring creatures and all you out there lovers of the happy and the silly, rejoice !

You have One. Week. Left. to submit your entry to the mirabolous, inter-planetary, pan-galactic, friendly Fedivision Song Contest !

The rules are simple:
- Choose a fictional country or faction
- Submit your entry by midnight (CEST), Friday 28th of May 2021
- Mention @fedivision account when submitting, this will boost it

One of my irrational fears is people on the bus being able to tell what I'm listening to through my headphones and figuring out that I've been listening to the same song for the last 30 minutes. I await the day a random stranger walks up to me, exasperated, yelling "Move on already!!"

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🎂🍰 Anniversary! 🍰 🎂

Exactly a year ago, I started to draw daily. Most of the time it was fun, sometimes it was stressful, but I never regretted it. There is something liberating about posting your work online - not only if you're proud of it, but also if you think it looks shitty, and I probably wouldn't have made it without people to share it with.

Thank you for letting me be part of this community! 😘

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I managed to get Lovewood running on !! 👀
It's not optimal, since the UI is a bit small, but it's readable and playable on a large modern phone. If anyone would like to give it a try on a tablet or TV, hit me up! It's the most experimental port yet, so seeing how it displays on different devices would be great.

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Hi! My cozy fantasy dating sim, , is currently in its stage. There are versions for Windows, Mac and Linux, and a playthrough takes around 2 hours.

If you would like to help me out and beta test the game, drop me a message until May 20th and I'll send you a download key! 😊
I mainly need to know if you run into any technical problems on your OS, but you are also invited to share any other thoughts on the game if you like!

My Concept Art teacher from was making an overpaint of someones tree character and said to him tree creatures always have the vibe of old men. I wanted to challenge that and there ya go, buff tree!
Nice break to just do some character design again~

Actually I do have questions about . I mean theoretically, if someone were to use my artwork for say, a flyer advertising their local small business, is that commercial use? Cause I still wouldn't *care*, only if it were some ad agency who definitely have the means for commercial licenses. So I guess it's less "Commercial Use" and more "Corporate Use"? Also does Fair Use apply to CC? Because I hope so, allowing transformative stuff...
Damn, I think I opened a can of worms here.

My first contact with Creative Commons licenses was on Deviantart, where you could select the kind of license you wanted on your post. Back then I formed my opinion on the way I'd like my art to be treated. I should probably include in my profile that all my work is CC-BY-NC-SA - Free to use if you somehow tag back to me (mostly cause I'm curious) and don't use it to make money.
I'll add that to my profile.
I'm also open to being educated on alternatives, this is just my current knowledge.

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More stuff!
And more :D This was our first real assignment beyond just messing around~

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