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might be getting a lot of hate but I absolutely LOVE the design. Possibly my favorite starter evolution. This was supposed to be a quick, abstract one but turned into a painting study, and it was fun!

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Mermay may be long over, but it's never too late to respect the sea! And look at all that filth!
This one took soo long but it was fun :D

Speedpaint on PeerTube:

Mermay Mermaid Blobfish Ocean

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Haven't shared my Croquis in a while, quite happy with this one :) NSFW for artistic boobs

Discussing Meat 

The latest update that I got is the buggiest I've ever seen. I can't edit text without the "Edit" popup blocking the entire text and it constantly seeks to inform me that apps like firefox or weather are running, when yes, they are supposed to do that, I am using them as we speak. Or that when using Spotify I get an additional sticky notification that says "Sounds are being played". Yeah no shit.
I want Lineage or something.

Freeform doodling some random characters. I tried to focus on variety in shapes, between the characters and within a single character. The first two (from left) were drawn by laying down random shapes first, I lost focus and reverted back to a bit more construction on the other two. I think the first two are considerably stronger because of this, but I'm happy to hear opinions :D

creepy looking bad design 

I've got a bit of a community proposal - To this day I feel like Original Art suffers under the Hashtag system, as it's difficult to find it under general tags. I know it's always weird to just establish something out of nowhere, but are there any others who think Art could benefit from being clustered into loose genres to self-idendify with? To be less wordy, is anyone interested in inventing hashtags for various original art? This is just for interest, the "How" follows.

Current Moid: Winter Depression. But hey, in less than two months finally starts, and I'll have stuff to document for you guys again!

I hate Riddles 

Is there something like Macros in ?
Specifically, I frequently have to do the following process:
1. Take a Layer
2. Put that Layer in a Folder (of the same name as the Layer
3. Put a new Alpha-Masked Layer on top
Is there a shortcut for this? Or can I make one?

Pro Tip: If you're in a foreign country and it's crucial that you get the correct translation for something, like medication, open the Wikipedia page for that thing and change the language in the Wikipedia settings. It will move you to the according article in the new language.
Inspired by a tip I just gave to @marionline :D

This started as a sad, moody self-portrait in black and green, but turned experimental last minute.

It feels wrong to reflect on a decade. It feels even more wrong to imagine the next. I love doing that with a singke year, but my entire life changed drastically multiple times (for the better) and it will keep doing that. The only constant are my passions which are the key to my constant plotting for and achieving of better lifes.

people and enthusiasts, I have a quick question: My aunt is a teacher (in Germany) and is lookong for a secure messager for her and her students ( has been banned at the school!)
She's considering which is of course paid, I suggested even though it has come under a bit of flag lately it should be secure enough for them and somewhat widespread. Also of course - Your thoughts?

Christmas may not be my thing, but at least I'm having pleasant Christmas interactions on the :)

Specifically @Algot and @david_a_webcomic :)

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For the coming winter holidays, I'm giving you a quick introduction to enve, a new 2D animation tool for Linux, made by Maurycy Liebner :)

The weirdest part about for me is that I build trust more slowly than other people. As a result, I have often received gifts from people who considered me their friends while I barely saw them as aquaintances, leaving me feeling very guilty. By now I should be prepared with backup gifts, but I generally barely manage to get the gifts together for the people I do care about cause my head is always elsewhere. Christmas/December is really not my season.

Christmas Cookie Recipe 

might be getting a lot of hate but I absolutely LOVE the design. Possibly my favorite starter evolution. This was supposed to be a quick, abstract one but turned into a painting study, and it was fun!

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Here's my take on the pony pals! Rapid Layout (left) is the ponysona of @Ayior and Pacy Fist (right) is mine! :>

@LadyIcepaw and I realized that we both made Ponysonas way back when we were teenagers, and we both had them centered around drawing (of course) and I had to draw them together :D
Mine is the red haired one, called Rapid Layout, because I draw fast, and hers is Pacy Fist, a wordplay on Pacifist :D

Value Study!
The first *proper* one of this kind, I finally want to break into digital painting. I learned a lot from this, I could have probably gone into a lot more detail but I want to move to a more difficult subject ;)

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