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Next Monday I'm starting at a new !
And I'll return to the thing that I did when I created this account: I'll document the day to day life of being an art student!

While I originally dreamed of studying animation, life has led me to now study Communication Design with a focus on Illustration at a local academy. I still 100% intend to return to the animation industry once I'm done though!

Tune in if you're interested in my Art School Experience!
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One hour to do a portrait, including finding a reference and getting your materials! Jeez this was a low key stressful task for :I
Those of you who have been around for a while might recognize this dude, he's from my Pinterest Board of interesting Portraits, and may or may not have come up in the or other previous studies of me~

continues for me in Home Office form, this little task was quite the throwback to my old school :) We had 1 hour to complete it.

I'm looking for guides to secure and limit as much as possible!

For Art School, I MUST get a (or mac but no) Computer with CC. I've tried to do it with CS6 on my but it's just not running smooth enough to keep up with my class.
At least I've decided to get myself a dedicated work laptop to place the "corporate" stuff on.
Still, I'd like to limit telemetry, reduce bloat and secure the system as much as possible. Any tips would be appreciated!

are my favorite breed.

Ping @Algot as it reminds me of his lovely riddles

I'm curious about the general vibe on Mastodon.

My SO isn't an artist and neither are most of their friends, so when I said "You know I can just *make* stuff, right?" They were like "Ooooooh right!"

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I've convinced my SO, who I'm in lockdown with, that it would be awesome to have some kind of bigger creative project to work on together. Since we're both game fans and I've got all the supplies here we're now developing a board game 👍
(Creative Projects keep your mind from bore-out and you have something to talk about!)

I offered my elderly neighbors to go shopping for them, but I wasn't the first to ask and they're already covered.
We may have a lack of toilet paper, but at least we have an abundance of support 👍

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Instead of browsing the fediverse while taking some time off for #covidism, be social with us on #mastocraft , a #minecraft server for the rest of us. I have verified there are no #covid viruses loose in #mastocraft. though you might get naughty ideas to violate social distancing if you see @Ayior's endermates sharing a room. :red_heart: roomies.

Come hang out, drop on by, get some non-covid time!

Corona Support 

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staying sane during coronavirus isolation. 

I don't have an project for you today, but if YOU'RE interested in learning about , our teacher recommended this Ressource specifically:

The first proper project for !
The task was to design a flat style postcard for Nyhavn, Copenhagen, specifically because those colorful houses lend themselves to this exercise :D

We did 4 straight hours of today for Typography class in
Then I made these in the afternoon while getting my hair dyed.
Now I'm gonna do more.
I'm already seeing those lines when I close my eyes, but it's FUN and also I WANT TO GET BETTER because this doesn't look nearly as cool as the examples our teacher showed us

[Ink surrounds me and invades my mind]

Today was Creative Workshop once again at and I got to color the Urban Sketch from last week :)
I'm not very familiar with watercolors, but I still like how it turned out~

My sketchbook be looking like real life keyboard mashing while practicing for :)

Today was another Adobe Illustrator day at - so have some paper preparation homework for today!
I'm posting daily now, but especially as we get into projects I'll probably only post the finished things. I promise I'll keep this journal as throughout at possible, though!

Wednesdays are all about at the new ! Today we just got started with basic lettering. We're doing analog calligraphy which is nice. The lesson was very densely packed with raw information - which I also like, I much prefer to be overwhelmed than to be underchallenged.

Day 2 of the new ! Tuesdays are for Creative Workshop, where you explore analog techniques. It seems pretty cool! Today we started with some Urban Sketching, the knowledge from the classical semester I did is really helping!

As promised, today was my first day of !
And we're starting simple - too simple for me! With Adobe Illustrator Basics. Yes, Adobe is required.
As someone who has known Illustrator for a long time I talked to the teacher and he told me that I am exempted from his classes until projects start.

But have a picture: The Castle that we created to learn Illustrator Basics and the fun I had with it to make things more entertaining for me!

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