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Next Monday I'm starting at a new !
And I'll return to the thing that I did when I created this account: I'll document the day to day life of being an art student!

While I originally dreamed of studying animation, life has led me to now study Communication Design with a focus on Illustration at a local academy. I still 100% intend to return to the animation industry once I'm done though!

Tune in if you're interested in my Art School Experience!
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has been updated to 1.16 with the Nether Update! @charims and I have decided to build a portal hub on the roof of the nether to easily connect all player bases, but you can still access the new Nether biomes normally! The info booth in the background was built by Charims :)
If you want play on a long-term multiplayer server, DM me and I can help you join Mastocraft!

Rant, Nintendo Hack, Help Needed 

I'm affected by the hack and a (for me as a student) sizable amount of money has been stolen from me. Nintendo Support have been nothing but assholes to me - so far literally all they've done is complain that I contacted them multiple times and close BOTH my tickets because of it. WTF?
world, any help?
Also, this is in Germany.

Sorry for my inactivity lately, we've mostly been working on long term projects in :/

Because"DuckDuckGoing something" doesn't have the same ring as googling something, my partner just suggested it should be called quacking something instead. Or in German: "etwas Naken".

I never uploaded my last - and favorite - Master Copy I did at my old classical drawing - mostly cause I was unsatisfied with it at the time. I don't see it that way today. Unfortunately I don't know who the artist I copied from was, it was a print hanging in our classroom. In our last month we were allowed to choose our own reference and I chose this because it had been my favorite from the beginning.

The second portrait I did in gouache!
This one was a bit more experimental and based on this photo:

Painted Eye Contact 

We had in ! I've been wanting to learn about this medium for a while now, so I'm glad I had the chance now!
I took the reference photo myself (not of myself) - The proportions are a bit off, like the left eye is too big and kinda floats away but I like it from a brushwork standpoint!
I also used this tutorial to help me:

The last set for - 32x32 px was a real challenge and I wanted to do something other than the style I did for the gaming set, so I decided to go with Pixel Art!
The style kinda reminds me of the annoying dog from :D

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Hello! Everyone interested in , thought I'd let you guys know that Aaron Blaise (animator on Brother Bear and more) has made one of his courses on animation fundamentals free during the lockdown! Do check it out!

We did some Life Drawing in today! I was super happy to be in my element and do something familiar like that :D

Haven't shared my stuff for a while because I wanted to finish the projects first :D
We had Icons in our Adobe Illustrator class, we made three sets, this is the first one: 96x96 px, topic Sushi :D

Haven't had shareable stuff in a while, so instead take this, one of my painted papers for our sketchbook, that I used as a texture. Actually my favorite one of them.
It's not high resolution but maybe it's of use to someone anyways!
Free to use for any project. Tagging me appreciated but not necessary.
and I guess?

I'm setting up the Laptop I need for school. Being used to I forgot the ordeal that that is. I'm 45 Minutes in and so far it has been a list of screens of disabling telemetry, uninstalling bloat, and rebooting because of the unimstalled bloat...
I'm not even done with the system settings, not even speaking of installing the software that I need and setting up my workflow.... Yup, blocking a weekend of setup time was a good idea.

We're doing Collages in "Creative Workshop" in and honestly I've never felt this unartistic doing a supposed creative work :I
Collage is valid an all but I really feel like a school kid more than anything, and not in a good way :/
But my promise is to share my journey and not only me at my best, and this is part of it!

Yesterday I "learned" how to use Gradients and Blend Modes in - I'm using "" because I already knew but eh, this just means less stressful school days :)
So we had to make some Gems to test those things out and here ya go~

people who use :
If you are or would be a parent, what would you like your child to call you?
Instead of Mom or Dad?
I imagine "Parent" being awkwardly formal...

I'm trying a new thing, which is setting a specific time slot in the week where I just freely mess around artistically. Today I ended up dicking around with a lot of textures. Like, a LOT of textures, as you can see.
Not sure I feel like I learned anything OR had any particular fun with this one though, so I don't really see it as a success, but hey, at least I did something and I'll try to keep this up anways~

Animal Crossing 

look at my absolue idiot of a character
I love them
(The hat is supposed to resemble a traffic cone)

Posting this before I even hand i in!
For class we had to take a photo (original taken by me) and convert it into this low poly style that I find pretty tacky tbh 😂 But despite that I'm quite happy how it turned out~ Lots of busywork.

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