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Mermay may be long over, but it's never too late to respect the sea! And look at all that filth!
This one took soo long but it was fun :D

Speedpaint on PeerTube:

Mermay Mermaid Blobfish Ocean

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Haven't shared my Croquis in a while, quite happy with this one :) NSFW for artistic boobs

@ChrisTalleras I'm watching your stream right now and I had no idea you were sleeping in my bed (in the cathedral) as I was minnig just downstais in that place! I never noticed you! XD

I've found this weird loophole where I can get myself to draw despite being frustrated - I want to watch a video or something but only watching the video seems too boring and I don't want to play a game so I just grab my sketchbook. And then when I get frustrated I want to stop but since I got the video I remember theres nothing better to do so I keep going. Boredom defeating frustration, interesting.

So I have a live USB, but I borked the persistent file. Can I delete the persistent files without remaking the live USB?

The first round of slots are taken now! :D

Yeah that other for which I posted my application also rejected me... There's a third option that I'm probably gonna take now, it's supposed to be not as high quality of a study but I guess at this point I'll have to take what I can get.
Hrng. I'm annoyed.

I once saw my 11 year old cousin play COD (or some shooter game) and he was cussing and screaming high-pitched and basically doing all the things annoying 11 year olds are known for on the internet. After the game he turned to me, calmly explaining: "It's not serious. We don't mean it. That's just the ettiquette."
I opened my mouth to teach him better but closed it again as I realized that, for his age group at least, he was right, I guess.

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1. Use more reference.
2. If you paint a background, don't be lazy with it.
3. Design strong values. Think big shapes.
4. Silhouettes should tell the whole action.
5. Do more studies. From masters and life.
6. Focus on heads and hands. It's where we look first.
7. Keep going.


I see toots around, is anybody around here also making custom keychains? I'm looking for someone, for one thats gonna be a bit more on the detailled side I think

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Sunday Sillies -Wicked Wonderful Wordies -

Good morning from here, puzzle fans!

Idioms or common phrases (American/English) are represented by the position, shape or arrangement of words in or around a square.

Can you figure out this week's wordie? It would be wicked wonderful if you can.

Please use CW to submit your answers, thanks. Give everybody the chance to guess.

Hint: "old" song

(Thanks to @Ayior )

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Some more impressions from the background graphics I made for a client! Night in the woods & a cozy little town in the mountains.

Okay, will happen. I found a nice seed and I'm preparing the rules, however I'm away from my computer over the weekend so I'll probably launch it on Sunday.
The server will be based in Germany and for starters I'll have 10 Player Slots, which I can expand later. First come first serve.
I'll notify everyone who already replied to my last post, and you can also reply here if you want in either in the first batch or later.

I handed in my application!
As it turns out its a very... German process as in theres lots of calculating and averaging involved... If your portfolio passes a minimum grade you get invited to four exams and if you pass a minimum grade on every single one of those they calculate an average, the resulting number is what you actually apply with in the end...
Featuring @LadyIcepaw

@ChrisWere seeing that you make gaming videos, would you like to participate, too?

So I started playing with my friends but they stopped and it's kind of boring alone... We're somewhat assorted decent people here, right? How about a Mastodon Minecraft Server? Mastocraft!
Would anyone be interested in joining or even in being a mod?
I don't want to make this too controlled, basically if it fails it fails but maybe we get lucky and it doesn't go up in flames~
(I'd choose a crack-friendly server for you poor people out there)
(It runs natively on Linux btw)


I'm applying to another and they demand a physical folder with originals and/or printouts.
Its kind of a rushed decision, so I'm not making anything specific for this one, just taking what I've got. Its divided into a classical/craft section (top) and imaginary section (bottom).

Wish me luck!!!

When I was younger an American friend told me that his roommate had given his SO the pet name Blacky. I didn't know that pet name simply meant nickname, and I had a friend whose bunny was named Blacky. I concluded it was an American thing to call your SO animal-exclusive names, like Rocky or Fluffy or Mrs. Snuffles. I was quite bewildered, he didn't understand my reaction and we never resolved this and just ended up thinking each others cultures are weird.

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