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Thinking about doing a more humanoid version of my live2D avatar: Lehti the rainbow void nyanbinary cat

Finished what may just be the most complex illustration I've made this year!
A love letter to , featuring pretty much all my favourite characters (though it was tricky to choose).

you can vote here ✨

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I even got an invitation to Google Doc with the spam message so it doesn't get labelled as spam...

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I'm getting so much spam recently to my private email that it's kind of crazy? Now I regret not using an alias so I could just trash it u_u

I do not really speak French and I didn't use it for long, long time but still somehow I confuse some french words for English ones.

I tried to make myself coffee but forgot to pour coffee into the coffeemaker u_u

Happy Hallowed Month, everybody! 🎃

Here's a new member to my Halloween cast: the pumpkin knight, Night Gourdian!

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