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More fairy art! This time it's a rare single illustration of Atlas doing his thing. πŸ₯˜ ✨

I made a doc listing all month-long art challenges that I know of! I will be updatign it as I find new ones, but for now I focused on alternatives for ! So if you still didn't decide what to do, and you want a challenge, try choosing one of these on the list ^^

Link to the document:

Sorry for bring quiet in a while. I was busy with work and the YouTube channel creating reviews. But I did some small postcard paintings. This is one of them.

I'm really hooked on landscapes right now. If you have pretty ones, feel free to tag me, so I can use them as a reference.

This weekend was so relaxing! I hope yours was too. πŸ’–

begpost, medical emergency, art comm hiatus 

I'm taking a hiatus from commissions. I'm having a hard time handling them while trying to deal with my wisdom tooth pain and my mental health issues.
I am not sure how long I will be quiet for.

If anyone would still like to help a disabled nonbinary person (autistic w/ comorbidities) afford their wisdom tooth surgery (all 4 need to come out!) and other expenses, my ko-fi link is below:

tips and boosts are much appreciated!

I know it's still a month away, but in light of the term "inktober" being associated with a single person's monetisation efforts, I was thinking of maybe creating a new hashtag for essentially the same challenge that people can use without worry.

My proposal here is "monoctober", from "monochrome" and "October". Pros: inclusive of physical ink, digital ink and other mediums. Cons: doesn't include art with many colours of ink, purpose not as clear.

What do you all think?
:boost_ok: πŸ’–

I encourage yall to subscribe to Alphonso's channel, I recently did and he's so helpful WRT inking. Inking is really hard for me and he makes it so accessible.

I was looking forward to the book, but now I have TWO I can support instead, and Alphonse is more detailed for cheaper based on the previews of Jake's book.

I know Jake has done some bad shit, but this is just fucked up.

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Small reminder that if you like my art and want to support me with money you can buy me a coffee (3€) on ko-fi!

Extra salty liquorice doesn't go well with sweet milk coffee, I do not know what I was thinking πŸ˜“


will be printed and transferred over to watercolor paper for painting

The Helpful Pixels charity stream (in Swedish) will be starting in about 30 min, we're streaming to gather money for WaterAid. The stream will will be going allllll weekend, so feel free to hop in at any time πŸ’–


:boost_ok: πŸ’ž

I started making corrections to the sketches of my comic but I didn't expect to be so tired from this 😭 I want to do colors already

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