It's october!!! Finally :D This year I'm going to do and in result a !! I plan to design a bunch of colorful wolf characters during the month ^^ I hope you will like them~

I made a doc listing all month-long art challenges that I know of! I will be updatign it as I find new ones, but for now I focused on alternatives for ! So if you still didn't decide what to do, and you want a challenge, try choosing one of these on the list ^^

Link to the document:

I never in my life was stressed about an exam or admission process because I was so so sure I'll pass/get admitted and now I just can't handle it

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University admissions are being so stressful for me this year T_T Where did my dumb confidence go??

I finally got around to making some acrylic pins! My first design is this little pink Beetle Bud!
If these guys sell well, you bet I'll be making some more pin designs!

I made some changes to my website, I updated links page and added a project list that I really wanted to have!! I still need to update portfolio itself but I'm really happy about how it looks haha

man is this site for posting art? art posting? idk! heres a pic of my tiefling Sebastian I think looks nice :dnd: 😳 if you have ocs you want more art of or something I don''t have much to do currently so feel free to @ me I might do it as a sort of "hi im new here" offering

@wawek welcome to mastodon!! I hope you will like it here, I already wanna see more artworks of yours :D

i'm back on FA -
go check full version there! (and maybe commission me)
also i have an open post on patreon with steps for this work

Also if you want to adopt one of them they're for sale!! 45 EUR each (:

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JumpingJackal recently upgraded their patreon pledge to the $40 Voyager level to get one of my limited, patreon-exclusive ink cards, and they requested something reflecting the situation in California with the wildfires. I drew their character discovering new growth amidst all the burnt destruction, as there's always hope that good things will return.

Ink card commission for Rotarr of their monster character, Naubi. This was a delight to draw! I used glitter pen for some colors, and while the scanner doesn't really capture it, it has a neat effect.

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