My sticker shop would be one year old this month if I didn't had to close it because of pandemic, but that doesn't mean I can't do something for this occasion 😀 So I changed all designs into a sticker set for Signal!! You can find dowload link here:

Enjoy :D

:boost_ok: 💖 I'm open for commissions again!!

Here's a simple summary of what I offer, check this page for more examples and information:

My goal is to save up for a new graphic tablet, those of you who follow me for some time might know that I'm working on a 10 years old one and I started to have some problems with drivers, so it's a good time for a change!

Also I'll be accepting some fanart commissions this time 😊

Finally had time to draw them!! 😊💖 Character design and species by @/LovelyBugsieART at Twitter

I made an art summary, I'm not sure if I ever posted such thing 😅 but it's fun to see how my style and themes changed over the year! Also I'm surprised by how consistent my colour palette seems to be

Template by @fluffyfied

Clip Studio Paint: You can import Photoshop brushes now!
Me: oh wow!! I can use the two brushes I loved and didn't managed to recreate in any other software!! That's so awesome!!!
The two brushes and only them:

I'm slowly working on the redraw piece but I'm close to the end so I want to open two slots for icon commissions!! They're 30 EUR each and they'll be finished before end of the month. Please send me an email at if you're interested 😊

I think this is my favourite illustartion I made this year ✨ I'm so happy with colours, the new tools I discovered and I had just so much fun doing it.

When I was working on this piece I realized that some types of art need time, no matter how fast I usually work, and that's perfectly okay. It's not a failure if you need few days to finish your piece, sometimes it is what is needed to make it an amazing piece 😊

I was so busy this week that I forgot to disable the code 😅 But since on December 6th it is Saint Nicholas Day the sale is extended!! You can download my colouring pages for free until Monday ✨
code: nvurjup

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Quarantine day 2.
I'm too tired to draw, still have lot of studying for uni this week. But today between clases I made myself some decorations of backing paper, white pen and washi tape 💖

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