Nala's bike! and the last concept piece I did for the comic, now I need to work on the pages ✨

It's hot today (again) and it makes my hand stick to the tablet surface so much that my skin started to hurt 😬 So I went to search a wardrobe for some gloves... And this one is the most comfortable lmao

Meet Nala!! The second character from my short comic! :D This is first part of her outfit variations, do you have a favourite?

Finally I can show you the first character for my comic!! Meet Lily! 😊

These are concepts for her outfit, which one do you like the most?

Today I had my first ever taro bubble tea and it was so good!! And it had the same colours as my pouch I've got from so I made this cute photo of them together πŸ₯°

Gumroad and ko-fi are currently the best ways to support me but I can also take 2-4 commissions!! All info it on my page:

And you can buy my stickers there although I'll need to close the store in few days for some time:

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I borrowed my brother's phone to make photos of the falling out screen in mine 😟 If you have means please, please consider buying something from my Gumroad so I can save up money for new one. I have coloring pages and desktop wallpapers here:
Downloading them for free and rating is helpful too!!!

you can also tip me on ko-fi:

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