I made a doc listing all month-long art challenges that I know of! I will be updatign it as I find new ones, but for now I focused on alternatives for ! So if you still didn't decide what to do, and you want a challenge, try choosing one of these on the list ^^

Link to the document:

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I updated this doc with a few new challenges! So if you still need inspiration for what to draw in October check it out πŸ’–

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@Atsuko This is really useful! Thanks a lot for sharing, I'd been looking for Inktober alternatives too πŸ‘€

@Atsuko I'm considering to just do a simple little Drawtober, with a handful of themed illustrations 😊 How about you, have you already made up your mind already?

@LadyIcepaw that's cool! I really like the idea of cozytober, for me it means going back to traditional media (mostly pens and ink), and I didn't do any traditional art in months!!

@Atsuko Oooh I'm really sympathizing with Cozytober as well! Just not sure what exactly that would mean for me. I'd say go for it, traditional art sounds like a lot of fun πŸ‘

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