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Hello! I'm Anna and I'm illustartor, concept artist and physicist from Poland. I love trying new styles and techniques, so I have several art styles, nonetheless in all of my art I try to express beauty and magic I see in the world and share things I enjoy 🍇

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tell me which one you think it is 🌟

I made this guy too 😊 This one was designed by me! But I'm not sure if it looks more like snowman (as I wanted) or rather albino penguin....

Twitter/art theft prevention 

I didn't post anything recently, it was a tough week for me 😰But I finally have some time! And here is a WIP of the new drawing I started working on (:

If you like my drawings please consider buying me a coffee on ko-fi! I'm saving for nintendo switch so I can actually play the game 😊

I got this cute notebook from my partner few days ago and it turned out to be quite nice to draw with markers in it 🤗 The sketch is based on photo I took while in Switzerland

Um I just learned what "drawing warm-up" means and I have literally NEVER heard anyone talk about this... ever? Well, here you go, it's a legit way to warm up your muscles before you start drawing for the day! You'll draw better AND reduce injuries.

Rita's mother is a farmer, and she trades her harvest with people from the northen countires. She often sends Rita with chests to the port, since she has others responsibilities at the home. And it can take up a lot of time, since the ships so often arrive late...

Small break from Inktober :)

I made this self portrait to use as my new avatar 🖼️🤗 I'm so happy autumn started already there, but I can't wait until winter 😁 🍁🍂

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