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My sticker shop would be one year old this month if I didn't had to close it because of pandemic, but that doesn't mean I can't do something for this occasion 😀 So I changed all designs into a sticker set for Signal!! You can find dowload link here:

Enjoy :D

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Small reminder that if you like my art and want to support me with money you can buy me a coffee (3€) on ko-fi!

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Long years later this is still my favourite piece of game soundtrack ever even though it's absolutely awful to listen without context :tialove:

my players enrolling their characters' children in a dance class ran by the exiled fairy king like "this seems safe"

What if... we could grow clovers and pick up four-leaf ones and craft furniture out of them 🥺

I had to google how much 5ft3 is because my brain goes blank when I see lengths in feet 😅 (I'm 158cm)

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Also for everyone who didn't know they are available for Signal too! You can download them from here:

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I have some good news for LINE users 👀✨

Hey Twitter! I'm beating back the writer's block by making short scripts that you can board for practice! They're all free to download on Follow me for notifications when the next round goes live:

:boost_ok: Offering some commissions! Discounted for now because I need to accumulate more recent examples, so results may vary slightly from the pieces below-- they're currently $10 per character, via Paypal. I can draw any species, won't draw anything NSFW, and can do transparent backgrounds, solid colors, simple patterns, or all of the above! DM me with any inquires, questions, comments, concerns :3!!

nouveaux pokémons en point de croix uwu

obalie et moumouton

vous pouvez m'en commander ! j'ai 4 sprites visibles sur la boutique, mais je peux en faire d'autres sur demande, envoyez un message

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Here's a petition for the European Commission against an amendmend 171 which wants to prohibit plant-based dairy-free products from using terms like "cheese-like" or even stop them from using packages similar to the dairy-products:

More info:

My all female/non-binary team Tails of the North, part of The Cat Collective, are looking for a main tank! We would like you to be able to travel to LAN events like Dreamhack in Sweden, but language-wise we're okay with people who are fluent in English and/or Swedish. Requirements and benefits in the next post in the thread!

:boost_ok: 💖

Three things about this picture:

1. I tried to draw a bit more manga-ish, but dunno if that worked out. (I'm happy with the result anyway!)

2. I asked my bf how he makes edges of shadows look cool and tried it here.

3. I love peachy colors!! 🧡

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