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My sticker shop would be one year old this month if I didn't had to close it because of pandemic, but that doesn't mean I can't do something for this occasion 😀 So I changed all designs into a sticker set for Signal!! You can find dowload link here:

Enjoy :D

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Small reminder that if you like my art and want to support me with money you can buy me a coffee (3€) on ko-fi!

:boost_ok: Offering some commissions! Discounted for now because I need to accumulate more recent examples, so results may vary slightly from the pieces below-- they're currently $10 per character, via Paypal. I can draw any species, won't draw anything NSFW, and can do transparent backgrounds, solid colors, simple patterns, or all of the above! DM me with any inquires, questions, comments, concerns :3!!

nouveaux pokémons en point de croix uwu

obalie et moumouton

vous pouvez m'en commander ! j'ai 4 sprites visibles sur la boutique, mais je peux en faire d'autres sur demande, envoyez un message

politics euPol petition food 

Here's a petition for the European Commission against an amendmend 171 which wants to prohibit plant-based dairy-free products from using terms like "cheese-like" or even stop them from using packages similar to the dairy-products:

More info:

My all female/non-binary team Tails of the North, part of The Cat Collective, are looking for a main tank! We would like you to be able to travel to LAN events like Dreamhack in Sweden, but language-wise we're okay with people who are fluent in English and/or Swedish. Requirements and benefits in the next post in the thread!

:boost_ok: 💖

Three things about this picture:

1. I tried to draw a bit more manga-ish, but dunno if that worked out. (I'm happy with the result anyway!)

2. I asked my bf how he makes edges of shadows look cool and tried it here.

3. I love peachy colors!! 🧡

Wee hedgie is off to deliver some berries

Worksop Bestiary, England c. 1185
NY, The Morgan Library & Museum, MS M.81, fol. 10v


** Award eligibility:
In 2020 I wrote and posted around 280 pieces of microfiction and poetry. If they have made you smile/think/feel, please consider nominating me for "Best Fan Writer".
(You can nominate for the Hugo award if you are a member of the 2020 or 2021 WorldCons.)

I'll do a proper sum-up-the-year post at some time later, when I have a spare brain, where I'll talk more about what I've done, what I haven't done, and what I'll be doing this year. **

"'The Beauty of the House is immeasurable; its Kindness infinite."

– Susanna Clarke, Piranesi

Last year in July I decided mer!Bak should have a full seal form.

And a bonus doodle from August, based on a funny video of a sea lion that a friend showed me.

Images marked sensitive for topless male torso.

#mastoart #art #fanart #dgm #komubak #merfolk

from FA! I used to be scared of drawing fancy armor but my power has grown since then 🔥

I think I slightly injured my wrist 😭 it hurts a little, mostly when I draw/write since yesterday... but on the good side I started putting together a sketchbook zine with a lot of sketches, process step pics and unfinished drawings from 2020 😊 I'll publish it on my gumroad in few days~

Kaileen's sprites are done! She's floofy and expressive and ready to info-dump.

Does anyone have any advice on how to create digital copies of traditional art?

I’d love to set up an online store/gallery but I’m not sure of the best way to archive my work! Do use a camera or a scanner? Do you take a photo in direct or indirect sunlight?

I don't think I posted this on here? My favourite AC villager Stitches, he's been in my town since ac:ww :3

Treat yourself nice, keep a little bowl of candy right inside your drawing desk
every time you draw a panel you get to eat the entire bowl

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