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Hello! I'm Anna and I'm illustartor, concept artist and physicist from Poland. I love trying new styles and techniques, so I have several art styles, nonetheless in all of my art I try to express beauty and magic I see in the world and share things I enjoy 🍇

You can support me on my ko-fi

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Another one 🤗 I changed her colours, they give a completely different feeling but I like it much more!

This page shows Inka during her master studies. At the very first semester they had to make project in pairs and she was randomly assigned with one of the other girls...

Why sketching comic pages is so hard? Like, I know what exactly I want to show I just can't put it in the panels 😓

Cutting stickers for next month's patreon rewards (yes I'm early)

I start to think I might be creating too many characters and stories than I am able to draw... 😭Anyway, meet my new girl, Inka~

I have post this piece here only in introduction, so let me say now that this is one of artworks of my OC I made exactly a year ago and I still love it 😊 It was part of series - I will post remaining pieces later haha

I hope you're all having great 💖

Small reminder that my store is open and you can now get this cute kitten and many others for yourself 😊

The third and last set of the series! Includes lots of sweetness and purrfection! This time with some drinks! How do you like it? Tell me which sticker is your favourite!🍓 ☕ 🥨

They will be available for sale soon 💕 Don't forget to follow me so you won't miss the store opening!

✨ All of the stickers are covered with holographic vinyl ✨

It's time for second reveal!! This set will contain even more sugar! 😀 I think it's good news, at least for our cats! And what do you think? 😎

All of these stickers are covered with holographic vinyl!! ✨

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