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Hello! I'm Anna and I'm illustartor, concept artist and physicist from Poland. I love trying new styles and techniques, so I have several art styles, nonetheless in all of my art I try to express beauty and magic I see in the world and share things I enjoy πŸ‡

You can support me on my ko-fi

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Day 23, 24, 25 and 26. Apocalypse, Game, Hero and Villain! I've been resting my hand as much as possible and doing what i can. I had fun with these though~

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β€ͺRevamped an old OC!‬
β€ͺMeet Patches, the farmer aussie shepherd!‬
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non-sexual nudity 

Hi! I'm finally back among the living after in Dublin! During the convention I made a few sketches I want to show you πŸ’™

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ah its so nice to post here because i got lots of finished stuff to share :') This one is called after a character in an old tale, "Condwiramurs", who was not in fact a dragon, but it sounds like a dragons name, dont you think? :)

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usually i mostly draw characters and stuff, but i decided to try painting an environment/scene for something a bit different

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So there are only 3 days left before in Dublin! Is anyone excited as I am? πŸ˜€ Drop your info if you're going to table or have a panel! Let others find you 😊

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haven't drawn my persona, anna, in a while and that should be a crime

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