Good morning have you read this weekend's update? :rings fight bell:👀👊💢

This is so old but it still makes me laugh every time I come across it

Exorcism Academy will turn 7 years old on Tuesday! Oh how far we've come...🥳🎉

New pages going up this weekend, in which Flashback Grant and Grimm get along swimmingly 🙂

We get to meet a new character in this weekend's update, are you ready? 😀

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✨ HEY✨
There's two new comic pages up in which guess who still has a demon partner after all these years?

18+ Exorcism Academy comic has updated! 

✨ It's comic update daaaaaay!! ✨ TWO new pages in which Al destroys your browser search recommendations in one week or less

I drew some cute cinnamon roll fluff, bcs I'm a sap 🤗 The full mini comic is in the B-class tier, over yonder 👉 👉👉

Comic Update! These pages are SFW, but the comic itself is NSFW 

✨Did you see the latest comic update? ✨ TWO new pages in which :banging pots and pans: hand holding haND HOLDING HAND HOLDING📢 📢📢

✨ Welcome to my new 18+ artwork/comic masto account - moved because the instance I used to be on will be shutting down in October!✨

Sure he may LOOK innocent but he's 3 seconds away from chaos I just know it

✨It's comic update daaaay!✨ Two new pages in which Ethan is a teacup chihuahua barking at an incoming tsunami

This comic is for 18+ readers only.

Hi there, I'm Asmo and I make the webcomic Exorcism Academy, an adult m/m dark romance!

🔥 ((This comic contains graphic sexual content, violence, foul language, nudity, and religious themes/implications and is for 18+ adults only!))

✨ I like to share character sketches and comic panel previews and will tag/flag my adult themed art/posts as appropriate ✌️


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