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I decided to try out this site, so I guess an post is in order?

I'm Ashe, also go by the nickname Fate too. I usually do digital art and sometimes pencil art for stress relief, mostly things that fall under and , every now and again for series I like.

Here's a couple arts I've done this past year that I'm happiest with, both OCs of mine:

Doodled a simple chibi of my Dragalia Lost S/I Annalise so I could better make a proper reference soon.

They’re a Dark Lancer User Support Unit. Used to be a Paladyn but left the service of the Church a few years ago due to them questioning their faith due to feelings that began to surface for someone else. Nowadays they work as a mercenary but still frequently help the Church with jobs or missions if needed.

Drew a little something of my FF2 S/I and Minwu, with him helping with white magic training.

Happy belated Father's Day to my F/O white dad!

Didn’t know what to draw, so I decided to starting to do a Dissidia Opera Omnia thing of my FF2 S/I Asha.

Did a chibi of my Fire Emblem Sacred Stone S/I Ashton!

Haven’t done chibi style in a while so this is my first step to figuring it out again haha

Drew a little something for my main Dynasty Warriors Empires character Mei Lin, except I did her in a casual outfit like in the DLC for DW9.

so i started drawing something for my dynasty warriors character I use in empires, mei lin, bc its been forever since ive drawn her

It’s Mithra!! My Tellius cat laguz S/I!!

This outfit is specifically for Path of Radiance, Radiant Dawn will have a completely different one.

Drew a little something for my friend pikespendragon of one(?) of their Fire Emblem S/Is, Pikes!

Finally drew an actual reference of my FE7 S/I Esha. They’re starting class is Assassin.

havent drawn in a while, so i started drawing minwu from final fantasy 2 because it’s been way too long since ive drawn him

its tellius valentines time in feh so i started making an alt for my tellius oc cressida

shes a colorless dagger unit and her weapon is the letter which i am still thinking of a name for

shes got morning glory flowers in her hair bc they symbolize unrequited love and shes hoping during the festival to be able to confess her feelings to someone special to her

Finished the new Fates portrait for my Shae!

Also made a few different expressions for them too!

i got some more of shae’s new fates portrait done tonight

gotta finish shading and then do some expressions still

Me: maybe i could draw something self ship related tonight

Brain: or you could draw another drunk chibi of your fate demiservant oc

Me: haha okay


anyways heres my demiservant oc pang tong drunk and ready to bother zhuge liang or el-melloi ii, whoever is there

Finished a ref of my FF2 S/I Asha.

They’re a white mage from Mysidia that’s not actually all that great at white magic, but thanks to rigorous training and determination are at least average at it.

Here’s the art I did for the Secret Anna event that went on at the FE Compendium discord server!

I ended up drawing the person's request for Lyon from Sacred Stones. I hope the person likes this!

i am absolutely too tired to color this properly, so please dont mind the bad layer of blurred color i put there to remember what colors i wanted to use

anyways, heres a wip of my ff2 insert asha

Working on a secret santa art for a discord server I’m in

I’m feeling alright with how it’s coming out so far

‘Sometimes I need someone to let me know I’m not worthless and disposable because I don’t really believe that I’m not…’

Doodled some sad ashton/kyle selfship stuff because I was thinking about it lately

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