Does anyone know of a way to delete a node without changing its neighbors' bezier curves? I hate the default behavior so much — I want to *get rid of,* not replace the nodes. See images.

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For clients that do not display alt text, because I didn't caption the images themselves.

First image is before deleting the bubble.
Second is image what I get if I delete the node in it.
Third image is what I actually want to happen.


Break path at the node.
Now delete the node.
Join the neighbors.

All details preserved, but it's so much more work.

@Artha I don't know about deleting specific nodes, but there is the "Path > Simplify", which appears to optimize the nodes. I can't remember if you can target a particular subset of nodes.

I think I found a way
1. Select Node to be removed
2. "Break path at selected node" in the toolbar
3. There are now two nodes at that location. Delete them.
4. Select the two new endnodes
5. "Join selected endnodes with new path" in toolbar

There's no way to do this with keyboard shortcuts, and it should definitely be easier.

@uglyhack @Artha Edit > Preferences > Tools > Node > [ ] Deleting nodes preserves shape

@doctormo Ooh!! 😮 It does the job! Wonderful, thank you!

@Artha Inkscapes secret tag line is: where there's a will, there's a preference. Probably.

I actually get annoyed by the same auto shape option myself.

@uglyhack Yeah, that's what I've figured out. It's an awful approach but I guess it does the job. 😕

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