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hello there! it's super cool to be here! :D
I'm still adjusting myself here so don't mind me looking around and testing out stuff ;u;
oh! and I mainly post on deviantart(AriX72) or Instagram(ari_x72), so feel free to check those out! πŸ’•

and these area few of what I do, featuring my pokemon characters for a pokemon group in DA and Discord! I hope you'll stick around for more! ✨

XOD.0IXX is back online! πŸ‘ ✨

I haven't drawn this bab in so long! decided to update their look~ uwu

o boi he's coming!
Boogy with legs as a joke over at the D-C discord group! xD

check it out over at my DA too! <3

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Here are the first 3 pieces of my Llamacalypse series✨

It’s a series of illustrations based on the Four Horsemen of the ApocalypseπŸ’€βš”οΈπŸ§‘β€πŸš€
Here are Death, War and Conquest. Only one more left! :D

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"The Moon" for my illustration project!

β€œYou are granted the ability to cast the wish spell 1d3 times.β€œ
I also have this available on my etsy as a print!

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did an all-nigher on making this shimeji! had fun doing my first attempt aa ✨

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You may think "I only have X followers, it won't make a difference,"

Exposure is half the battle!
See something you like?

The artists in your life will thank you!

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Pokemon! Dracovish and Runegrigus are probably my favorites from new gen

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slowly working my way to finish up the customs! this one is a gardevoir and darkrai fusion with a victorian royalty theme! ✨

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