@geistesgift not really the biggest, but you can get this as a print at argodeon.art if you’re interested!
Thank you so much omg ❤️

@Argodeon how can I get this for my computer wallpaper?
<insert fry take my money gif here>

@Argodeon Which software is used? I feel like I could never start learning Design, Illustrations, things. My potato pc is stopping me from learning, my parents are stopping to buy new better pc, money is stopping them to accept my pc requirements, skills are stopping me to earn and buy on my own, pc is stopping me to learn that skill. Android, tried but doesn't work well on my device. :sadness:

@locusfokee I used medibang on my slow laptop with just a mouse for this one. I made this piece like years ago.
Not open source, but its still free!
If you ever get money, you can try getting an iPad and procreate instead.
If it helps, I climbed my way up with a mouse on rented computers to do commissions, used my commission money to buy a huion HS64, did commissions again but faster this time, then used my fast commission money to finally get an iPad with an Apple Pencil and procreate.

sorry can’t hear u over this epic nails on chalkboard soundtrack

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