Hi! 😄👋 I’m Argodeon. 💀❤️ ☠️ I’m 👀new. 😳👉👈 Ashley. 🤨 Ashley ⚰️kachadorian. 😒🥸 I already know 📚 how things work 👷‍♀️around here. 👩‍🎓🤤Guess what? 🤔🧐I already know 🧠 all those things. 🤯🧘Yeah!

If u get the reference ily

Also this is also a reference about my old account that I lost lmao

Oh my god! Can you make all my wallpapers please? These are everything I have ever been looking for! Their gorgeous!

@noble hella down anytime! You can check out my portfolio at

Thank you so much! ;w;

You have just been Ko-Fi-d! I am happy to support your work.

@noble omg thank you!! I wish eternal joy for you and your loved ones 🥰🥰

@Argodeon Thank you, I truly love your art. And I am spamming all my friends with your link too.

@Sylvhem thank you! Though I’ve actually been on mastodon before ( but the instance died so I can’t log in anymore. 💀 Do you think it’s still possible to transfer my everything from there to here? He,lp

@Argodeon WoW!! I LOVE your art 😍. I'm glad someone boosted it so I can follow you here too!!

I have one of your pictures as background in my pc 🙏❤️

@Argodeon Damnn the mood in those! You have some amazing palettes and colours!

@roh congratulations! 🎉🎊 You just won: my heart ❤️ 😳

Who’s your fav character in the show? 👀

@Argodeon Just found your art....your color palettes are STUNNING! ♥ 💜

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