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If you don’t want to see my non art posts 

If you don’t want to see my non art posts, go to then add #/talk7 (without the slash)
All of my posts that isn’t about/art will no longer be visible to you. Though I might reply to you with #/talk7 so pls don’t tick notifications ;w;

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I love seeing my art being used as headers and pfps. Something about serotonin or whatever

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Open to see full pic 😳

Art struggle / art block / depiction of sharp glass pieces 

Which version do you like better?

I'm in another looong phase of β€ževerything I do is bad, I have no ideas, I'm so unmotivatedβ€œ and working on this has been no different, I feel like it lacks focus, it and didn't turn out the way I imagined (not that that ever happens ^__^).

If you're still on #BirdSite #BadBird it's worth reading New Twitter Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. From 10 June, no rules against offensive content. You give them royalty-free license to use, publish, & distribute your Content to the rest of the world and to let others do the same. Also ups advertising & may ban adblockers (my reading). New Privacy Policy says it Infers your Identity. They link device used with account & email address or phone number. NB #NZTwits



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Just please credit me like either of these two 😌 ❀️ adding https:// is important for clickability

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@Argodeon This piece is beautiful, but also makes me extraordinarily uncomfortable.

Perhaps that was the point. It definitely evoked emotion in me.

@Argodeon That second image is my phone wallpaper now. :artaww: ❀️

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