@AoibheNi wow this looks so complex, and such a lovely design! I love wave motifs, this is just gorgeous!

I can't crochet anymore due to rsi, but I have so much respect for crochet artists, its such a great art form <3

@AoibheNi wow, seriously?! a giant amount of work was needed to do this! I'm so impressed, you should be super proud! :0

@AoibheNi this is magnificent! you should absolutely be crazy proud of this, that pattern is really clever!! I'm still trying to work out how you did the spirals

@changeinenthalpy Hehehe. It wasn't easy to work out, that's for sure!
Thanks for your kind comment. :)

The entire pattern is laid out in a photo tutorial /pattern over on Ravelry, if you have a notion to try it.

@AoibheNi Oooh, thanks for the ravelry link! You have so many lovely patterns!

@changeinenthalpy Thanks, darling. :)
It's my life's work, basically. Adding more all the time.

There's a free pattern in there, called Pax, that's useful to new crocheters, as it covers all the basic techniques, and includes How To Video links.

@AoibheNi What a wonderful thing to have as your life's work! Pax looks lovely, I might have to have a go at that :)

I really like how it's a crocheted scarf/shawl - so many patterns for that sort of thing are knitted, and whilst I'm okay at knitting I find crochet so much more enjoyable!

@AoibheNi WHOA!!! That's amazing I've never seen a pattern like that! and your stitches are so even I love it :D

@roadsnog Thanks!! I've been designing in crochet for about ten years, now. This is the pattern in most proud of.
Lots of maths involved :)

There's easier ones to start off with, if you're so inclined. :)

@AoibheNi Oh my goodness, it's like being wrapped in warm summer waves of the ocean. So wonderful 😭 <3

@AoibheNi This is gorgeous and it's making me want to learn crochet! Just shared your ravelry page with my knitting guild 🙂

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