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I aspire to be one of those memorable, crazy adults in a kids movie who are obsessed with bees, or baking or painting robins or something.

Is that odd?

Testing out a new display method for my shawls at shows and events.
Having an adjustable fulcrum means I can now show them off as they are intended, asymmetrically! :D

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Everything is made-up and nothing has to be the way it is. Everything is this because people decide this is.

Look, I'm not saying my is deteriorating, but being able to honestly say "I'm getting used to the " might be an indication...

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@AoibheNi maybe we need a general tag within mastodon.ART? I'd definitely love to see more fibre art stuff around, and after all, it's still art!

Curious if there's an instance dedicated to the fibre arts, maybe? ?

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Depression and maths do not mix. Depression and chocolate, however...

Crochet! All my work, concept, design, pattern, photography. Crazy proud of this one.