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I'm Anzy, a 20 years old french trans women who like to draw anthropomorphic alien lizards and space stuff in general!

I work with my good old Intuos CHT-480 and Paint tool sai / Gimp

I'm very glad to be here in this instance full of talented people! 😀

Here's some of my artworks:

Am I a good artist?

Am I a bad artist?

Ć̶͊͗͜͝ḩ̶̙̝̺̯̱̙̥̯͎́̂̀͑̊̕i̵̛̞̟͛̿̾͒̂̈́͛̄̚c̴̨̡͓̣̟̯̱̲͗͐͂͐̎́͝k̶̤̘͉̺̈́̀͋̔̓̈́̔͗̉͝͠ȩ̷̯̬͈̣͕͉̻̰̮̂̆͐̈́̚͝n̴͔͚̟̜͓͙̪̪̯͓͛͆͑͑̆̂͂̕͜͝ ̸̨̡̢͔̼̺̻̯͉̰̩́n̶̨̜̩͍͗̕͜͝ù̶̧̲̥̫̰̠̯̅g̸̡̘̘̫͍̩͎̬͆ğ̴̥͎̞͠ͅe̶̤͚̔̈́̆͑͗͝͝ṭ̴̫̮̗͔͖̟̃͠

And I'm keeping the gremlin energy for Sprout, it suit them too much

Ideas for something more worked with this too, like chilling at a restaurant after an exhausting adventure or something

Shit I might have given Sprout too much gremlin energy

Anzy is like the core design, a template from where experimentation can spawn and become more after some maturation time (Like Aegy who still need a design overhaul)

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Making a demon design for Anzy is tricky because it dissociate from her very quick to become it's own thing

Sketch // Soft nudity 

Might not finish this one, not really feeling like it works, maybe the wings are too much idk
Anyway posting it because why not

The void is calling me.
It whispers stranges noises, almost words.
By focusing, I can barely make a sentence out of it.
The dark and ancient sentences forms in my ears, long forgotten by the human mind.
It says something like this, something I can not comprehend :

"Hey would that be pogger if you made a my little pony oc in 2022?"

Nothing to see, just your crush walking by your timeline 🌱🦝✨

Soft nudity ✨ 

Demon Anzy?
Demon Anzy 😳😳😳

And yeah Anzy is my main catharsis with Sprout coming second, but they each express very different things in their on distinct being.

Like, Anzy is the persona with the more range and accumulated experience.

Clear values and ways of realizing them but also this bundle of deep feelings not always in touch with the general facades but still here anyway.

Changing form allow her to experience those feelings while remaining truer to herself and I just think that's something important in general to constantly search deeper what's make someone a whole complex being.

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