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I'm Anzy, a 20 years old french trans women who like to draw anthropomorphic alien lizards and space stuff in general!

I work with my good old Intuos CHT-480 and Paint tool sai / Gimp

I'm very glad to be here in this instance full of talented people! 😀

Here's some of my artworks:

Not feeling too well so yeah no drawy sorry

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Un autre tableau réalisé cette semaine, celui-ci est déjà réservé :)


I'm gonna draw 2 black spot on a piece of paper and they're gonna kiss so bad

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drawing real people feels kinda weird still but I like her

Can't draw today so I'm left with the only other thing I could kinda do well, shitpost

Okay what to draw today 🤔

More like:
"Give me a slice of god's food you coward 😤"

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"Can I have ze,,,, pizza? 🍕🥺👉👈"

Ok someone wanna share pizza while watching cheese B movies or some shit?

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