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I'm Anzy, a 20 years old french trans women who like to draw anthropomorphic alien lizards and space stuff in general!

I work with my good old Intuos CHT-480 and Paint tool sai / Gimp

I'm very glad to be here in this instance full of talented people! 😀

Here's some of my artworks:

Space lizard girl in badass space suit?

Space lizard girl in badass space suit.

[Mermaid / Nsfw-ish]

A mermaid form for Azrélia! 🏝️

This IS what organic life peak performance look like

So I just re-discovered my best worst drawing from last year

More lewdish doodle of Azrélia because why not draw your own Oc naked as a warm-up 🤷‍♀️

Suggestive drawing of a anthropomorphic space lizard girl Show more

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Giving big breast to reptile girls

Not a passion
A duty.

So I drew a chibi version of my little mice today 🐭

Commission work for of her adorable Cat / Rabbit character :3

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A Penny for CaptANaugi! She's so spunky, I love her!

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