Spent the weekend painting my girlfriend's dungeons & dragons character Ysbaen.

a scribble of a mc from triaina academy i did a day or two ago !

Anyone here into emulation, specifically nintendo ds emulation? One of my younger siblings is a super duper awesome emulation hacker currently writing their own nds emulator. Go and say hi to the amazing @fleroviux

They also make super cool electronic music that can be found here soundcloud.com/iamflerovium

✨the art VS the gremlin bringing it to your TLs, September to November 2020 edition✨

i didn't make a lotta finished pieces these past months but I'm happy with what I did! also i do put more and more pink in my art lately n im here for it.

I'm still on this project ; first chapter is done but not published by the client yet, I'm on the second one. I may find it difficult to start drawing sometimes but when I've finally gotten into it, I love to see the characters coming to life on a comic page 😃
Toujours sur cette mission freelance, deuxième chapitre. J'ai un peu de mal à démarrer des fois, mais ensuite j'adore me rendre compte de comment les personnages ont pris vie sur la planche de BD 😃

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Thanks to @ln and @uint8_t for borrowing me their scanner, so I could scan this 🌟

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Just a doodle I made during a two hour distance lecture. I tried out the new gray paper I bought, but I still need to get used to it.

Here's a close up of my doodles if anyone cares to see (I converted it to greyscale since the red was hard to see in the crappy photo)

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Time to pretend I'm being productive and watching my uni lectures while actually I'm just doodling for two hours while ignoring the video

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