Spent the weekend painting my girlfriend's dungeons & dragons character Ysbaen.

Just a doodle I made during a two hour distance lecture. I tried out the new gray paper I bought, but I still need to get used to it.

Here's a close up of my doodles if anyone cares to see (I converted it to greyscale since the red was hard to see in the crappy photo)

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Time to pretend I'm being productive and watching my uni lectures while actually I'm just doodling for two hours while ignoring the video

Inspired by the song "When Snow Falls" by Flerovium ❤️ Go check it our here:


I might or might not have listened to it on infinite repeat while painting this... ❄️

After spending years hating them, I strangely find myself falling in love with colored pencils.

One of my favorite activities is going for a walk around my neighborhood, listening to music on my headphones and stopping for a quick sketch whenever something catches my eye. Here's one my recent sketches.


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