I love seals. Here's a drawing of a seal chilling in the sun.

I'm sorry I didn't yet figure out how to add an image description. So I'll post a description here: A drawing of a seal on the beach. There is a big sun in the top left corner. The seal is lying in the sand and has a sand castle, sunglasses and other random beach objects around it. Above the seal there is the text "Chilling in the sun..."

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@AnviMeraya Nothing wrong with posting image descriptions in the toot text! Although if you do, it's best to include them in the original toot rather than a reply.

The usual way to add them in the web client is to click the "Edit" button on the image preview, that'll pop up both the thumbnail editor and the image description box.Type in your description, click Apply, and you're done :D

@eishiya Ahh, so that's how it's done on web. Thank you! :) I completely missed that there was an edit button next to the image thumbnail, now I know.

@cornflower the banana poses are one of my favorite things about seals, it looks so ridiculous and cute at the same time

Very nice picture. I love seals too. When I was sailing last summer I saw seals swimming near the boat. Have you seen Seal in real life?

@ennafleur Yes, but it was long time ago, when I was a kid. Also: thank you!


Keep going with your drawing, but sorry I am not an artist. I am sure you will find one.

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