Doodled this cutie during a train ride today. Wanted to give her some color, so I did that quickly with Procreate. :3 I'm loving this color scheme!

It's so weird how everyone on here is insanely nice, compared to twitter where you just have dickheads every 5 seconds lmao

“A parasitic relationship will eventually become a symbiotic one if given enough time. At some point that forest became infected and now, those “trees” are their own creature. If you decide to continue into that forest just be forewarned-

Those trees will eat you.”

Deleted my DeviantArt the other week but their new layout is tempting me tbh

Really looking forward to meeting other artists on here, seeing all the posts makes me happy haha

Not sure how this works yet but hi everyone, I'm Anne :) I try to put a dark spin on all of my designs. Here are a couple from my Bruixa series last year. Will be posting more soon!


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