3 more abstract comics. At least that's what I think they are.
Dunno what got into me. But it was fun making them.
I used tusch, nail polish, watercolor. Alas couldn't find my ink.

Suddenly hooked on making small comics. However, I'll never live up to my niece 🦖

Let's try and transplant a good thing from Twitter for once! Who's up for a #fediverse 30 Days of Comics this year?

It's pretty simple, you make one comic a day (page or strip, your choice) during November, post them as you go to your preferred #fedi instance and tag them #30dayscomics.

That's it really, but you can read more here: "What is 30 Days of Comics?"

#comics #creativechallenges #makecomics

African Gray Hornbill

An ashy-colored hornbill with a bicolored bill that differs between the sexes: the male’s bill is mostly dark with a pale wedge at the base, and the female’s bill is mostly ivory above with a purple-reddish tip. It has a buoyant and undulating flight pattern; note the pale rump and pale tail tip. Pairs are common in open dry savanna and broadleaved woodland. Its territorial call, given with the bill raised skywards and the wings flicked with each note, is a long series of plaintive piping “piu-piu-piu” notes that concludes with some rolling whistles. The similar Pale-billed Hornbill differs by having a pale bill lacking any dark coloration.

Link: ebird.org/species/afghor1

Last one, the Litany Against Fear from Dune. A4 size on good quality art paper with archival ink.

$150 USD which includes shipping. Note the postage time disclaimer in the thread above, too.

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A dragonfly covered in dew is drying in the sun ❤️

(soooo difficult to get my ancient cell phone camera to focus properly 🙄)

Rufous Motmot

Large forest-dweller that likes to sit motionless. Head and breast rufous-orange with black mask and breast spot. Green back and long tail. Most similar to smaller Broad-billed Motmot; note larger size, rufous chin, and more extensive rufous on belly. Often found singly or in pairs inside forest, usually below canopy. Listen for deep hooting call, “woo-doop”, sometimes given as a single call or sometimes as ongoing hooting laughter.

Link: ebird.org/species/rufmot1

Cauliflower mushrooms are fascinating!
(note I took half of the ones I found. Left half to keep growing)

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Got very lucky in my mushroom hunt today. Found 3 big cauliflower fungi 😄
.. And some chantarelles hiding in a hillside.
Also saw fly agaric and death cap (in Danish: rød og grøn fluesvamp) ☠️

Den nye Ruben Östlund film - Triangles of Sadness, er lige så fantastisk som man kunne forvente (hvis man er fan) - får gang i en masse om magt, racisme, køn. Ved ikke helt om den giver nogle svar, men der bliver godt nok løftet nogle sten

Weekly reminder that you can support my work on Liberapay: liberapay.com/haverholm

I currently receive ¢25 a week from one supporter, which I greatly appreciate. I know it's hard to find a margin of your budget to share with others. My own work life has fluctuated between paid projects and periods of low or no income.

I currently focus my efforts on the Uncomics site and podcast after a couple of years' busy unemployment. If you enjoy my work, consider setting up a recurring micro donation. 🙏

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