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A Kiki but with another color palette, fixing bugs. 🐞 🐞
(cooldown evening sketch, nothing serious) #krita #mastoart

The dream of 10-year-old me came true, now I have The Website of my own:

⚠️ This site has a lot of moving and flashing elements, is image heavy, not mobile friendly and will take a while to load

i tried to sculpt a rose first but realized it was pretty difficult so instead i made a quick little cherry blossom :3

(Edited version: original file was too large and became difficult to read)

I've been on a three day camping trip into the Norwegian wilderness with my partner and our 3-year old (his first real trip!), and I had some time to just sit besides the lake and reflect upon the reflections and how to paint them. I've worked out my notes into this tutorial and I'd really like to share them with my fellow fedi-artists.

It's release day! 🎉
My new game Invisible Seams is now out on Itch! It's a cute fantasy story about two dressmakers taking a stand for their art. Feel free to check it out!


Chandra Nalaar from Magic the Gathering series as a commission!

TW: Eye contact

:sharesloved: i've revamped my commission page; they're still open, check it out!

:dabart: :dabart2:

$20 USD :paypal:
🌻shaded fullbodies with transparent backgrounds!
🌻i can draw creatures, animals, & ponies best; check out my artfight attacks this year for more examples of various species:
🌻if you're interested, DM me or contact me via email or discord ^__^

hi friends, I'm maruki, a very pixel artist and animator
I'm having a hard time with housing costs, so I'm opening extra commission slots to help me with them
DMs are open. Prices are negotiable.
maruki [@] 💌
RToots appreciated 💜
#pixelart #ドット絵

Today is Bee Day in Poland, the World Bee Day is on May 20! If you have time please take a moment to learn more about them today, or if you have a garden consider planting some bee-friendly plants for next spring 💖

Some websites you can check:

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Was frustrated that I struggled with drawing backs, so I decided to do something about it! ✏️

(CW for artistic nudity)

Still figuring out Mastodon. Did the rookie mistake of joining a general server a couple of days ago, now migrating here for the community and local feed. 😬

Here are some studies trying to capture that effortless clouds look!

It's friday!
Have a little paraglider (do you call it a deltaplane in english too?) flying low above a group of coyottes 🦊

from 2021, digital colour phase 😅

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