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Silverpea's learning how to stay cool in the summer heat ⛱️

Call your loved ones 💙💖💛🖤

Felt some nostalgia recently hehe! Remember when you could only choose between calling someone and browsing the internet? Would be terrible if that would still be the case…. Or would it be great actually? Whats your thoughts?

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You can use these as chat background/wallpapers on Signal too!!

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Summer at the beach 🦭 My first Patreon exclusive illustration, it is available to download in high resolution as well in smaller versions for use as wallpapers for anyone subscribed to Curious Adélie tier (5€/month) 💙


Sun-"proofing" rooms tip, hydration reminder 

I know this is coming a bit late for a lot of people, but...

If you have south- or west-facing windows, a good way to help keep your domicile cool is to tape aluminium foil over those windows. It reflects the sun away from your room and helps keep the heat out.

Separately, remember to hydrate! Just keep sipping, even if you don't feel thirsty. If you *feel* thirsty in this weather, it could be a sign of heat stress!

Stay safe 💖

artists r doing hands appreciation posts on twit so i'm posting this here too to spread the love 🌞

It barely did 🥲 I remember now why I stopped streaming before

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