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“Only TRUE warriors knows how to ride a bike!”

Greypaw and Rusty’s first encounter but in the biker!AU universe! kits and apprentices ride on trikes and bikes before they advance to motorbikes!

Please, *please* don't intentionally misspell or mask words in CWs.

It breaks filters (also true of the body of the post)

I was looking through my older files and found... this short animation I did in 2018 for the anniversary of the discovery of Galilean moons 😀

If you see this, take a minute to do some stretches!! Keep your body happy~

Joining with some of my recent sticker designs.
🦖 :heart_sp_trans: Meet the TRANS-nosaurus Rex :heart_sp_trans: 🦖

(I make them for my patrons, then eventually release them for the public).

I’m doing a project featuring little-known women of science as a part of my studies as a lab technician.
I’ll be drawing some portraits and illustrating the research and discoveries of some interesting scientists✨

Let’s start!

🧬Nettie Stevens. American geneticist who discovered chromosomes X/Y by studying Mealworms (Tenebrio molitor)

Anyway, if enough people do want to make a thing, I would totally pin a column of that to my interface and proffer critiques to anyone who I see asking, if I feel like I'm a suitable critiquer and when my time allows for it.

(Sorry, I don't know if it's proper Fedi etiquette to mention so many folks like that, but since you expressed interest...)

What do you think @Curator @foervraengd @manul @sandycyborg @FiXato @fluffyfied @eishiya @avy @JLGribble

Boosts appreciated!

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Was going through old files and suddenly stumbled on this illustration that I vaguely remember doing for some math project in high school many years ago. I lost the report, but I think we were learning about polynomials or something, so I graphed a bunch of functions to produce the outline of a penguin, and rendered it 😂

Don't ask me what Tux 2.0 is supposed to be. Maybe that was back in the day when everyone was still talking about web 2.0 lol.

I wonder if there is any visual arts/painting/drawing/illustration group on the Fediverse, or any artists who are looking to be part of one (students planning to go pro, beginning professionals, seasoned professionals)


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