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Happy Third Sunday in Advent to you! 🕯️🕯️🕯️
Here're variations of a to use for your festive seasonal decoration purposes. Not seamless.

A little winter landscape painting, I'm just over here wishing for snow on a muddy rainy day.

Watched GMTK's accessibility in games review and while I understand that he didn't mention the huge harassment cases that have been plaguing the industry, as it's not something commonly related to accessibility, I do think it's weird not to mention them at all. Are games created by studios who harass their employees truly accessible?

u ever just apply a gradient map and the colors go absolute bananas

** The 2021 #AdvenTale starts now. A Christmas story in 25 short (half-tweet, because I started this tradition long before we got 280 characters over there) episodes, posted daily at 5pm GMT. (With any luck - I've only just started writing it.) **

At least it happened to my Dune annotations not something I actually need!! 😩

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Ummm, heads up for anyone who own Kobo Sage. If you move a book between folders while accessing e-reader storage from PC.... you will lose all annotations, reading progress etc. 😞

Highfane lineup of the three unique lineages: Woodwose (rootfolk), Mjuk (clay constructs), Erfitt (crabfolk)

The new game I'm working on will feature many familiar faces, but also some new characters! Here's a bit of concept art for Jasper, the main antagonist of the story. :needle: ✂️

Happy to all of my fellow queer STEM researchers and students! 🥳

Since Clip Studio Paint records timelapses automatically I figured I can post it to YouTube 👀

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