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I just published a new version of my website 🥳 I wrote it last year but didn't have energy to fix a few things... but it's done! And I added some new images :D

You can take a look here:

Little reminder to add alt-text to your images/videos when you post them! The fediverse has a lot of blind and partially sighted users who'd still like to participate - and if you need even more incentive, a lot of users won't boost media that doesn't have alt text, so if you want more eyeballs on your amazing creations, get on that alt text :D :D

(If you're low on spoons, you can always add a request for someone else to add alt-text to your toot, a lot of people are happy to do it ^.^)

Hi, y'all can call me Ro

I'm trying to get back into drawing at least semi-regularly and decided to hop on here to share what I make! I mostly like to draw my own OCs, but there might be a smattering of fanart and studies as I work to improve.

It's nice to meet y'all and I look forward to being involved here :D

Sprites for Blossom are ready! I had to split her Sai file at one point, which is why I had to take preview pics ingame. Please excuse the shabby placeholder background sketch XD

Hello : D

I do all sorts of art but I wasn’t sure what to make my first art post, so these are some of the recent cloud studies I’ve done.

They’ve become a personal favorite subject for practice this year. Hope you enjoy 🌥

Does anyone have mugs from Redbubble? 🤔 Is the print quality good? Do colours stay vibrant after few months of using/dishwasher?

Happy Third Sunday in Advent to you! 🕯️🕯️🕯️
Here're variations of a to use for your festive seasonal decoration purposes. Not seamless.

A little winter landscape painting, I'm just over here wishing for snow on a muddy rainy day.

Watched GMTK's accessibility in games review and while I understand that he didn't mention the huge harassment cases that have been plaguing the industry, as it's not something commonly related to accessibility, I do think it's weird not to mention them at all. Are games created by studios who harass their employees truly accessible?

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