Pretty, buff and horned lady.
I'm still figuring out how to use this app.

@carlospcchat ohh I see 😅 I don't have any other options unfortunately

@carlospcchat Thank you! They are also available on Signal and Line if you use one of these 🙂

First Toot!

I make authentic NES graphics, sometimes NES games. This is for a game of mine under the codename "Borscht".

I have two discount codes (30% off) for apparel with my art on LiveHeroes:

Check replies for available codes, it's first come, first serve, but please comment after you use the code so I can delete it 🙂

Codes are valid until 9 February 2022

@madargon It's all hand-written by me 😅 It's pretty simple code in HTML and CCS only though, so if you want to look into it I used this website for tutorials on responsive grid etc.

- It's finally usable from phone (not perfect, and you probably notice very fast why)

- There's a hidden unicorn 👀 ✨ There is no obvious link to it anywhere... but if you figure it out you get access to exclusive unicron art

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