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Hello! My name is Anna and I'm an artist from Poland inspired by beauty and magic hidden in everyday life and nature ✨

Did my first ever wood carving the other day, in a fun workshop we did with the department. I decided to attempt a fish, and gotta admit I'm a little proud of how it turned out for it being my first time!

Here are some WIP shots as well as the final piece.

Sleepy stream time! I'm drawing some mysterious trees, come join for a nice chill time!💖

Hey ! Here's a quick survey because I'm feeling curious:

Do you guys consciously try to use FOSS software for your digital art?

@Ellteo 2016/2018/2020/2022

I started doing digital art in 2011, I experimented with many different styles since then but the one thing I always liked was drawing and designing cartoony characters :D

Good morning .artists!!!!! :polarbears:

I was looking at how my art has shifted over the years and it has me curious;

Please reply to this thread with your art progression from 2016 » 2018 » 2020 » 2022

I'd like to see (and congratulate) everyone's progress and maybe point out some progress or improvements I see for folks who maybe can't see them yet! :3c

Boosts very appreciated! :boost_ok:

Every time I'm like 'oh lets paint a horse' it is a mistake, and yet, here we are
(~studies, 2hrs each)

back to posting backlog ✨

This was for a little prompt of sorts, the theme was "myths and legends". I was inspired by the Finnish legend of Tulikettu, the "fire fox" 🦊

Giving my handmade clay miniatures a little basket to sit in made of lollipop sticks. 🧺
It feels like playing dollhouse, and I am all in for it!
Thanks to my boyfriend for taking the picture and cutting the wood. (with his handsome strong hands 😘)

Boost this if you like soup or

if you wanna destroy capitalism

me in bed avoiding my silly little tasks (doodle based off a cat photo from twitter lol)

- -

I was quite busy today so I only got time to do a small practice. Well, the teacher’s onion looks much more smooth and fresh. Mine look like it has stayed in the fridge for weeks :artsweats:

been wanting to do this for a bit here's a custom design for sale!
price is in usd! DM or comment to claim! cross posted across twitter as well

will do a champion level as well for an additional cost for buyer as well!
[boosts = ❤️ ]

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