For some better photos of my shawl to share around. This is about... 10 times the size of what was my previously biggest crochet project. It was a lot of fun, and I'm proud of the result, even if I already want to do a version 2 with improvements. XD

Things I learned here:
1) a fourth way to make single crochet stitches (or at least a third-and-a-half way)
2) Less tension on the yarn is good! (up to a point)Crocheting is easier, AND the resulting cloth feels nicer/softer.
3) If you crochet something in the round, the last rows will be much longer and thus cover more area, so for an even colour distribution, you need more rows of a colour near the centre for balance.

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@Anke :O that is the prettiest rainbow shawl I've ever seen. I can't imagine how long it must've taken to get make that gorgeous pattern.

@vicorva Thank you!
The basic technique for the pattern is amazingly simple, for the result. It's just rows of single crochet with some of the single crochet stitches replaced with double crochet into the last-but-second row to create the zigzag lines and squares. There's a video tutorial here:
The pattern I used was with a bit of improvisation in the blue area, because I used thinner yarn than advised.

@Anke I can only barely knit although I do intend to learn crochet. I'm gonna pass this along to my craftier friends though because it's just gorgeous. Thanks!

@vicorva I find crochet soooo much easier than knitting. You don't have your whole work unravel if you drop the needle... and there's a hook at the end which makes grabbing the yarn so much easier.

@Anke This is why I want to learn it! My friends who do both are knitting purists, but my friends who crochet seem to have a much easier time of things than I do. Things are always slipping off my needles and it's very irritating to travel with knitting.

@vicorva Knitting is better for clothes, because the results are thinner and more elastic. And definitely better for socks. So being able to do both would be great. But knitting hasn'T clicked with me. Maybe I'll try again some time.

@Anke I'm a simple scarf and blanket maker anyway ... and sometimes hats and gloves. Since I prefer chunky wool (I! Have no! Patience!), the benefits aren't that great for me.

@Anke 1- this piece of work is gorgeous, 2- the work that you put into it is amazing, 3- your image captions are impeccable and hugely useful


wow, what a brilliant colors! i wouldn't dare to wash it, afraid of losing its brilliance.

@WandelStock I was nervous about colours running, too, but I washed it once already before taking those photos, at 20 or 30°C :D

Wow, the prettiest gradient. It's so beautiful. *-*

@Anke woah, such beautiful work and awesome pictures! I'm especially amazed by the third one and how your double crochets are so "invisible" -- mine are literal bumps in the fabric which makes it hard to focus on the colors instead of the texture.

@Kiki Thank you!
I think it *might* be because of tension? Do you pull the single crochets very tight? That would make them get smaller...

sc UK or US? I think there's regional differences in what certain stitches are called.

@gold_pen_leaps oh, sorry. The instructions I followed say they use US terms.

@AzureKingfisher Thank you!
Ergh, that's a bit complicated. I'd like to sell my art, but I'm afraid this falls under craft, as far as the German tax authority is concerned, and to sell those regularly I'd have to register a company, which means regular fees. Art on the other hand I could just report annually and be OK. It's a load of bullshit, really, but it is what it is.

@Anke It's so dense and saturated both! What fiber is it made of? I am imagining how it feels.

@clew It's 100% cotton!
At the start/in the middle I put too much tension, for lack of practice, but the outer two thirds are squishy-soft

@Anke Squishy, that's easy to imagine. My fingers are wiggling in pleasure. Just very slightly crunchy also, or no?

@clew Nope.
'Crunchy' I associate with acrylic yarns.

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