"But any attempt to simulate an economy risks also simulating economics, which is what we call it when millions of individual, rational decisions act together to create utter madness on a grand scale. Now, unfortunately, economics has happened to Planet Zoo."


if you make small games, trainwrecks, alt games, and are weirded out by big mastodon instances, check out gamemaking.social, a nice corner of fedi made for game making and adjacent things and stuff and also the admin is super awesome and is on top of blocking bad places

Dear self. You bought a full set of Polychromos colour pencils, like, 15 years ago, and used them so little you did not have to replace any in that time.
You do NOT need more colour pencils.

It's Hour 5 of my #GreatNanoWrimoPromptCall Toot-a-thon!
I seem to spend a lot of my stories with people looking up information: in Edally Academy, they spend most of a book in the Library trying to find a hidden treaty. In Aunt Family (as I mentioned), they spend a lot of time reading the diaries of old Aunts for family History.
And then there is Science!, a mad-science setting where they have several facilities aimed at discovering new things (human-plant hybrids, for one).

Every -thon does better with premium content (no tote bags, sorry), so I’m going to post hourly #MicroFic from my TootPlanet series/universe, named for my home instance, tootplanet.space/about. I'll use the hashtag #GNPC

(These are in the form of Captain's & Explorers' logs)

AND if you ask a question or pose an action the logs could reflect, I will post a toot of fic in answer.

You may get written into the universe so feel free to create a TootplanetFic persona😉


Today is all about my #GreatNanoWrimoPromptCall!

This is is, as you may have guessed, my #NanoWriMo project this month.

I am #writing to the #prompts of all of my #Patreon Patrons and anyone who tips me on paypal or #KoFi — the theme(s) for the prompt call are the last year of Patreon themes.

Interested? You can find a list of all posted stories here — lynthornealder.com/2019/11/12/

you can find the call here on Patreon patreon.com/posts/great-nanowr

and on Kofi ko-fi.com/post/The-Great-NanoW.


hey friends, anyone know of any artists making desk calendars for 2020? i want something besides my journal that i can just glance at easily, and would prefer supporting an indie!

I had a question about #Knitting I learned about the Norwegian Purl (which sounds like something I want to learn as a continental) but it raised the question do Norwegians knit the regular continental way, or is there a "Norwegian Knit" that no one talks about?

Here's the video by the way


#Question #Fibrearts #Fiberarts

"Don't shoot what it looks like. Shoot what it feels like" - David Alan Harvey

This is an attempt at making a high-key image. For the thought behind this image visit samyukth.com/2019/10/05/a-high


Yesterday, I spontaneously bought a mushroom. It is round, cute, and decorative!

Sometimes it's good to hoard art supplies and rarely ever throw anything out.
I have some big format paper I probably haven't used any off in the last 7 years. Yesterday it meant I had a piece of paper big enough to trace my favourite long-sleeves T-shirt (folded in half) to try to make a pattern for sewing.

All right, trying again, but better!

If anyone is in the market for a house, or wants to pool together with some other people for a house, in the $200-300k range: my parents need to sell theirs. Southern NYS.

The house is two story, 4 bedroom, has its own well, 14 acres (mostly trees, a few swampy areas), 10min drive minimum to things, no public transit.

As the home I grew up in, I want it to go to people, not developers.

If you are at all interested, DM me with your questions!


brainweasels, looking for advice 

I've been tidying too much today to do much else, but I've been making good progress! New boxes, moving around stuff and getting it better organised, throwing out things that are damaged or I don't need.
Feeling much better ^_^

Done! Going to scan it like this for a colouring page, then colour it myself (there will be gold ink involved!)

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