It's my birthday!

You don't have to get me anything! But if you did want to, just know that the best presents for any author are book sales & reviews (preferably at Amazon and Goodreads). n_n

Also, list of all my books with buy links:


meh. I put my sketchbook in my handbag this morning, but forgot to put the handbag in my backpack.

I made a public post on
with nearly finished crochet, not really startedcrochet, and a sketch

Does anybody have any idea why my graphic tablet pen of the Wacom bamboo doesn't generate any input on MacOSX? It's as if it gets ignored but my finger generates input.

Please boost.

I made a public post on
with nearly finished crochet, not really startedcrochet, and a sketch

rant about negativity on online friends 

Food cw: A chocolate elementalist transmuting his fist into a MIGHTY WEAPON 

What's a better host for comics? Tapas (allows NSFW) or Webtoons (does not) or any other (or just post in all of them)?


Looking up The Dark Crystal artbooks.
Getting sad that there probably will never be a Strange Magic artbook.

My favorite summer capris have no pockets, and my purse only has one convenient pocket so I end up just carrying my keys around so they don't scratch up my phone. So I made myself a double-ended snap tab.

Except I realized the positioning of the dragon meant a round snap tab would overlap the wings and... yeah, two hearts is definitely over the top. 💜 🐉 💜

After being crushed by the pressure of "needing to sell to be valuable" I decided to say fuck it and put my ebook up on here for "pay what you want" because why the hell not lol

white corinthe grapes, painted by ellen isham schutt, 1911

On Episode 2 of the Dark Crystal
Honstly, I'd rather watch a mockumentary about wildlife on Thra after the original movie than this Skeksis mess.

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