Way late post

One is based on a prompt by @Inskora and the grassy dragons based on a prompt by someone whom I can't find any more.

hey is it possible to refund digital PS4 titles you haven't launched yet I need answers fast my sister did a stupid fucking thing #help #ps4

Did a bit of doodling for a logo idea. I strongly suspect it will be some variation of "owl with pen nib for a tail sitting on a branch", but I wanted to give a few other ideas a short before settling.

posted this on tumblr, but figured some ppl here might appreciate it too! I made up my own sylvari-themed "tober" this year! I'm going to attempt Inktober seriously this year and I had a hard time finding a prompt list I felt I really liked. love to see some sylvari art if anyone wants to join me!🍂

Ils sont si mignons 💕💕💕

They are so cute 💕💕💕

#music is awesome. Just music in general. You find something that resonates with you, and you have something you can use deliberately to reach through your ears right into your reptile brain and changes your mood.
I mean, it's not 100% effective, but still.

I have visited a fleamarked today with a friend. Some nice stuff all over, especially lots and lots of childrens clothing. But also some books and dvd. And in at one place I discovered the DVD of the movie "Ferngully"I recognised the picture, and knew I liked the movie when I was a kid, but I couldn't remember why or what the movie was about.
I just rewatched it, and I might have found out why I love animated movies with glitter and a painted background (rather than celshading). :)

Oh, right, here's the result. Font if I remember correctly is Sirin Stencil, art is mine from 10 years ago.
#BulletJournal #Bujo #Birds #Magpies

Please buy some of my art originals. They're $50 each ٩(。•ω<。)و

These were made for a book last year and the book was not successful so this is art very few have ever seen. I would love to sell them to someone who will enjoy them.

E-mail me at seagull@tutanota.de if you want one. #Halloween #illustration #SupportTheArts #BuySomeArt #MastoArt

This is my pic for day 2 of the . Hmm. Daily updates? I still don't know whether this will work out, but let's just keep going.

Starting with a small delay... but I decided to do mostly bigger pieces, so this is on A3 bristol paper 👀
Gonna post wips for these pieces! 😬

Fun fact: I need a stepstool to put paper in my inkjet printer, because I'm short and it stands on top of my art supply cabinet.

Phone mandala drawn in Sketch while waiting at the cafe :)


Trying to improve, do you think working fast and hoping the results get better with practice, or working slowly and carefully and hoping speed will come with practice, works better?
Assuming both would involve intentional practice like using references.

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