I found a new path last time I went for a walk and discovered this very lush and green patch of Earth. I love forests alright 🌳🌳🌳

Haven't decided if the lighting was still good enough for taking pictures. Got late enough in the afternoon that I had to turn on the overhead lights, which may have worked better for picking up color in the eyes.

pride moth for
Drawn using markers, digitally mirrored, because I kept messing up the left wing.

*blows dust off this account*
So, let's see.

Finished another commission for a friend of their Halfling character! She’s so pastel!

Today is the official launch of my Patreon! Check it out and tell me what you think. I'm excited to share more art with anyone who is interested in supporting.

I also don't want anyone to feel obligated. I'll continue my presence online elsewhere. :)

Boatlife Fact: Supermoons and eclipses actually make a noticeable difference on tides! Sure, you might have learned that in your science classes, but it does have real-life applications, like not running your house aground.

Question for our and peeps: What on-demand print service do you use or prefer? I'm less interested in t-shirts/canvas printing, more interested in small prints, cards, stickers.

I do not want to do business with RedBubble. I am open to POD that allows self-hosting (such as a POD service where I can build my own webstore on my own site, or order small amounts to sell/ship myself.)

(Heading off to nap for a bit but want to throw this question up now. All responses appreciated)

November Creative Challenges list is a bit late again, but here it is: ankewehner.com/creative_challe

I guess I'd best get started on December's right now...

Way late post

One is based on a prompt by @Inskora and the grassy dragons based on a prompt by someone whom I can't find any more.

hey is it possible to refund digital PS4 titles you haven't launched yet I need answers fast my sister did a stupid fucking thing #help #ps4

Did a bit of doodling for a logo idea. I strongly suspect it will be some variation of "owl with pen nib for a tail sitting on a branch", but I wanted to give a few other ideas a short before settling.

posted this on tumblr, but figured some ppl here might appreciate it too! I made up my own sylvari-themed "tober" this year! I'm going to attempt Inktober seriously this year and I had a hard time finding a prompt list I felt I really liked. love to see some sylvari art if anyone wants to join me!🍂

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