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Leonardo DaVinci Was A Loser

This intriguing statement is made in some of the most inspiring videos I’ve ever seen. Adam Westbrook is the creator of Delve, and the videos produced there. Through Delve, Westbrook has made an inspiring video series called “The Long Game” which proposes that genius isn’t born, it’s crafted over years of hard work.

Read the full article for more inspiring wisdom:

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Animation Force is happy to be a part of the Mastodon.Art community. The community here fits strongly with our own philosophy:

"Animation Force
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A large part of our existence is based on promoting community, learning and inspiration in the art and animation community. Stay tuned for inspiring and informative updates!

@charleskenny I think this is what you were referring to recently when you tried to share an article from us. I didn't realize until today. Sorry about that! Thanks for the interest in sharing our articles.

Just realized our settings were changed to make posts "Followers Only" by default, which didn't allow anyone to share. I think this happened because of some of the cross posting options we altered recently, so that articles can be shared here quickly.

So I've retooted some recent posts so they are more accessible. Hopefully our posts are public from here on out.

DC Super Hero Girls — from the creator of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (Lauren Faust) — arrives on Cartoon Network this month!
Read more here:

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The most useful piece of show pitching advice I ever received was from a development exec who said :

"You're not really pitching a show. You're actually trying to spark an exec's imagination."


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I made myself a cost vs. profit spreadsheet to make sure i was charging enough to cover the expenses of my first ever con. thought some of you might find it useful so here ya go!


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Mobilize alongside the combat medic who made the shrewd decision to make the world a better place, one bandage... or bullet at a time: Baptiste


2019 Oscar Nominations in Animation
This morning, the Academy Award nominees were announced (full list here). Here is how animation stacked up in the list:

@AnimationForce The first deleted scene was leaked, there will be a Soul Calibur crossover

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Austin's Anime Watchlist: Winter 2019. Searching for your new favorite anime? Animation Force contributing writer Austin is back with his picks for the 2019 Winter Anime Season: #2019

Disney-Pixar announces new film “Onward” from “Monsters University” director Dan Scanlon

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