Went to a gay bar for the first time in my life yesterday. It was pretty cool - except my hearing is shit so conversation was impossible 😂

They let you have a sword in Pocket Camp now and I can't get over how fucking funny this is

just digging through my screenshot folder looking for cool stuff I made to post here now

this is a comic book-style shader I'm really proud of! wobbly outlines, inverted outlines in shadows, stylized highlights...

looks juicy as hell, I just never had the patience to make assets for it - the car was one I had already made for Adios that happened to have an outline mask anyway

here's a cool bottle shader (half-life alyx-inspired) I was working on for a tech art challenge a while ago

it's entirely a surface shader, the bottle is not transparent, and the surface is actually a raymarched SDF

I should start my account here by saying fuck TERFs. All my homies hate TERFs. My nonbinary pals are rad, transmeds are bad, stonewall was a riot, GAYS RULE THE WORLD :100_gay:

No TERFs, no SWERFs, no fascists!!

Hello Mastodon - have a cool gif from my planet generator shader :tootplanet:


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