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Hello, my commissions are open pretty much all year round!

♦Two styles available : full shading and cell shading

♦Will draw : fictional characters & pairings, simples bgs, nudity & blood
♦Won't draw : real people, complex bgs, porn & gore

Portfolio & more info :
Commission me :

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Hello everyone, I'm amki! I'm a trans guy from Belgium who's really into (Urban/)Fantasy and pretty boys. :3c

I do character design and illustration, and hope to work as a character designer some day!

I don't know how Mastodon works quite yet but it's nice to meet you all!

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[RE-DRAW] Lune the Moonfox

This Redraw changed a bit from the original but it fits my Boy Lune a lot more. Since he himself changed a lot too x)

Quite happy with the background since my painting skills still lack a lot! xD

Some OC sketches...

(Also I now do sketch commissions at , a halfbody is 10$ ;3)

My aesthetic is lightly-dressed pretty boys who could kill me in an instant.

Keep forgetting I have an account here, whoops.
I got into FFXIV a few months ago so here's my WoL, Rhea'li. I love him.

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Happy birthday Iris! Sorry this is late I'm just now getting around to uploading it on all platforms.
I love AI: The Somnium Files! I really highly recommend this game if you love mysteries like I do!

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Inktober 17

Boy has now a Name! Rijul!

This is from the Time before everything went wrong and the bond between these two were unbreakeable... Also a happy Yunara its a rare sight to behold!

Promtlist by the lovely @madie_arts

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Inktober day 18

What are those lights? They lead into the forest!

Btw Sen's Demihuman form 'u'

Promtlist by the lovely @/madie_arts

Lewisia, royal of vermilion blood.
I don't really use her in my party but she's still a pretty cool character.

Korall, a mysterious but gentle dragon with a deep love of water. Although unsociable (like most dragons), he willingly left his cave in order to look for the purest water possible in a magically corrupted world.
Sheet :

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Inktober day 2 "Wings"
Or "where her wings used to be"

Yuna ,who is a fallen godess in my story, had before she fell beautiful white wings.
Those were cut when her soul was sealed in an Temple after her grave mistake.

Promptlist by the lovely @/madie_arts from Instagram

"You must be so scared...I'm sorry"
Knowing he's the only one who can stop Nys doesn't make it any easier for Korall.

Being an artist means drawing yourself with cat ears and munching on a stylus --

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