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man is this site for posting art? art posting? idk! heres a pic of my tiefling Sebastian I think looks nice :dnd: 馃槼 if you have ocs you want more art of or something I don''t have much to do currently so feel free to @ me I might do it as a sort of "hi im new here" offering

hmmm the people have spoken but i still rly like the enemy stand list i wrote up so mayb ill do a jojo january too

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Oh, to be the incarnation of sleep who constantly makes smug comments from the sidelines...

I didn't know what his feet looked like to I gave him slippers! 馃挙

I animated the hug between Ivor and Dike from one of the recent DMBTD webcomic pages 馃挅

i havent quite grasped how all of the auto actions from CSP assets work but chromatic aberrations r Nice

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wasnt gonna do an october art challenge this year but im itchin to draw some weird robots... or


think im finally on the upswing again after a big ol depression rut. i am So tired of being like this but at least i read a bunch of manga i'd been meaning to lol. tokyo ghoul was pretty good. dorohedoro was VERY GOOD. rereading fma and jojo part 4 now (so i can cw stuff for a friend lol) and will prolly try hxh next

i also play cookie run now help

I uploaded some preview pages of my spooky webcomic Nene's Bedtime Stories for patreons. I'm trying to finish this chapter to upload on Tapas and Webtoons before halloween 馃巸

Drawing my OC Astra albeit...a bit weirder. It feels like I've only scratched the surface of SAI. I didn't know there were more textures available. Gosh, it feels like I'm back in the old oekaki days where I fiddled around with the textured brushes

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