a lil long 

@ArtPunk i totally forgot to keep track of time but i wanna say i spent 10-15 hrs on it? since this is all cobbled together from goofy sound effects, it was more about figuring out which ones sounded fun next to each other than writing Melodies鈩笍 (the bassline is original tho and i'm pretty proud of it haha)

i didn't do much mixing either bc i wanted to keep the grody sound, and i am hard of hearing so i am Completely dependent on izotope ozone's auto-mastering 馃槀

augh i gotta catch up on art here ajkdsjd maybe tomorrow

been watchin sailor moon lately and it rules. shoutout to the new rock brush in the latest krita beta

i'm still kickin!! just been away from social media in general

good riddance 2020, happy bday ping, and a happy new year to all y'all

been finishing up hunter x hunter and i couldn't draw anything today until i got this out of my system

馃巸 D A N C E 馃巸

At first I didn't know WHAT I should draw for this prompt. But then... How come I didn't think of this one in the first place! IT'S PERFECT!!!

happy birthday tim!!! i don't think i've posted them here before so here's his family

Here there be dragons, Gaius(left) and a redesign of an old oc from 6 yrs ago (right). Gaius is a "cursed" knight who got a dragon form while the unnamed one is just a giant dragon who flies around the mountains.

wasnt gonna do an october art challenge this year but im itchin to draw some weird robots... or

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