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so righteous might in 2e is basically a magical girl transformation for clerics right... and nethys' holy symbol is a mask right... listen........

guns, absurd pose, my horrible rock giant pirate grandma 

Thinkin Abt Oreads and dug up this old art. captain zephyra robinson, my oread swashbuckler for a pirate campaign, has five dead ex-husbands and eats jewels like jolly ranchers to keep her (literal aquamarine) skin glossy

timaeus started as a pathfinder character i didn't think i'd get to play, so i recycled a younger human version of him into my fic and now i'm playing pathfinder!tim after all. if they ever met human!tim would geek out so bad

(i guess??)

"Don't rush trying to tell me what happened. Every little detail is important, especially since something may have messed with your head..."

a roc snatched tim's horse so now all 3 of them gotta pile on peas' giant goblin dog

me: mayhaps today i will finally do something productive in this year of 2019
isidora steelsong, aasimar paladin, a character i haven't played in literal years: we'll see abt that 馃憖

drew my bf's character for his bday! their name is Batag and they're a human cleric "blessed" by Lamashtu with a hyena head and a highkey thirst for blood
(sort of)

new playtest character just in time for halloween!! daisy the spirit totem barbarian and NOCTOMEZO the ancient disgraced lich whose phylactery got made into the world's most cursed teddy bear. they get along surprisingly well

of my character for the previous chapter of the playtest! a half-elf cleric of nethys named Timaeus, whose hobbies include advocating literacy and staying up until 3am translating ancient doomsday prophecies for his doctoral dissertation 馃

update: session 0 (or 1?? we did get thru the starting rp) went well i think!! GMing is kinda nerve-wracking for me but i've got a good bunch of players & it's easier when the stuff's all in a lil pdf already haha

definitely need 2 sleep tho. gnight y'all 鉁

ahhh seein everyones cool stuff is makin me wanna Draw tonight but i gotta get ready to GM jdklfsd

some friends and i are running the doomsday dawn playtest adventure and it's been fun so far!! the new 3 action system is a HUGE improvement imo, and it's a less intimidating ruleset from the GM's side 馃挭


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