jojo part 6 spoilers? stand art thread 

made in heaven for @basicbishoujo ! one of my absolute fav stand designs

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folks i am in a mood to draw some weird robot creatures. this is now a doodle request thread but exclusively for bionicles and jojo stands

i've got pathfinder tonight but i'll try & get to em sometime this week!

some pixels i've been pokin away at this week! pucci has one of my fav jojo character designs tbh

jojo friday, screencap redraw, gun cw 

as we all know, touching someone holding a loaded firearm without warning helps them shoot more accurately

day 7 - new laptop & new pen means i can finally start doing digital art regularly again!!

idk if i'll do properly this year but i am going to try and draw some things with ink during october so that counts right

its a but here's joaquina joestar and her stand 『COMEBACK KID』 👊

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