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dreadnought wip 

the new class trial twine theme!! with bee movie script in place of spoilers lol

idr if there's a tag specifically for drawing your oc wearing clothes from your irl closet but There Should Be

of all the character designs i've done for this fic i regret to inform you that MONO-9000 is still one of my favorites

timaeus started as a pathfinder character i didn't think i'd get to play, so i recycled a younger human version of him into my fic and now i'm playing pathfinder!tim after all. if they ever met human!tim would geek out so bad

(i guess??)

eye contact, my OCs, Art Improvement鈩 

gonna stick with the mugshot sprites instead of trying to do waist-ups for everyone BUT one look at the old sprites has pretty much sold me on the big redraw project lol

2016 vs 2019 鉁

the cons: this would be a metric ton of work, the existing sprites leave more room for interpretation
the pros: art glowup, nik gets to wave his hands around energetically, jurou's crop top visible at all times

prolly shouldn't post him in an alt outfit before i've actually introduced him on here but it's a cute alt outfit

nikola ragnvaldsson, SHSL tv pitchman 馃摵

day 2: here's hoping mastodon image cropping works bc riko is much too tall for any social media

(i'll use better paper next time i swear)

i doodle tim pulling all-nighters a lot but tbf he pulls a lot of all-nighters. get some sleep ya big noodle

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